Smoking Fetish For My First Time-Part 2


‘After all, it’s only one cigarette’ I thought. I sucked the smoke into my mouth but quickly blew it out again. The smoke tasted strong and felt hot in my mouth. After smoking half of the cigarette this way I decided to try a real inhale. Carefully taking a smaller drag I inhaled the thick smoke down into my body. My throat burnt and caused me to cough the smoke back out. I tried it a few more times before I actually managed to inhale and then exhale the smoke properly. I really love my new smoking fetish.

Once I was able to do that I felt the poison fill me.

Taking another slow inhale, my body shook in anticipation. Begging me to please it. Without hesitation, I dropped on the floor right here in the kitchen and placed my free hand down my pants. Rubbing my clit I took another slow inhale of the cigarettes’. I moaned while exhaling, feeling the cig coat my throat with its cold menthol. My tiny frame shivered from pleasure. It would be so easy to climax here and now, but I forced myself to wait. I wanted to enjoy this so painfully slow. Taking in another inhale and suddenly felt lightheaded.

I slid over to where I could see myself in the mirror and pushed in my fingers. Moaning so loudly I watched as the person I no longer recognize exhale the smoke as the words came out. There in the mirror was someone else entirely. Someone who enjoyed something that seemed so bad but felt so good. My fiery red hair matched the lit end of the cigarettes’ and it just made my body that much hotter. The person in the mirror took another hit of the poison stick, and I watched as her fingers moved faster. Begging now for her climax. I noticed that the cig was almost gone now. Only a 4th remained. I didn’t want this to be over.

Didn’t want to give up my newfound pleasure.

“oh god” I moaned. My body was tensing. My back was arching. I could feel the walls of my pussy closing. I knew it was only a matter of seconds now. If I was going to climax I was determined to do it right. I placed my cigarettes’ on my cherry red lips and sucked in one big inhale. My lungs burned in agony but it was such a pleasureful feeling. I could feel my throat freezing from the menthol. My arms and legs protruded goosebumps making me shiver.

I held my breath in for as long as I could until my brain told me it desperately needed oxygen. When I exhaled I blew it towards the mirror and watched it bounce off and fade. My body collapsed the rest of the way on the ground and I groaned so loudly as I climaxed. The pure ecstasy of it was such an overwhelming euphoric feeling. Suddenly I took a breath a felt the bitterness of the oxygen fill my lungs and for once in my life I hated it. I laid on the floor, breathless and looked over to my cigarettes’. watching the last little embers burn out.

I hope this smoking fetish really turned you on. Make sure you read part 1. If you want to hear my sweet young voice crave that beautiful poison then purchase my audio and I’ll tell you my story and smoke for you.

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  1. Charles December 29, 2020 at 2:21 am

    Love smoking fetish this is a real turn on!


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