Smoking Fetish For My First Time-Part 1

I was in the kitchen making a sandwich one day when I opened a draw to grab a knife. There next to the cutlery tray was a packet of Marlboro menthol cigarettes. It wasn’t uncommon for my mother to leave spare packets of cigarettes around the house. Then She would complain she could never find them. But this time when I saw them my heart began thumbing against my chest and my nipples grew stiff, protruding through my thin t-shirt. This is when I knew I had a smoking fetish.

I stared down at the packet for a moment. My hand shook a little holding it. anticipating holding one. Amazed at how light the packet felt I flicked the top open and counted fourteen white filtered cigarettes. I suddenly felt weak with excitement and my stomach tightened.

At this point I had no intention of lighting one of the cigarettes, but I was curiously aroused and wanted to know how one would feel and look between my fingers.

Before pulling out a cigarette I raised the packet to my nose and inhaled deeply. My pussy began twitching between my legs as the sweet aroma of unlit tobacco and mint filled my nostrils. I couldn’t understand why I felt so hot and horny, but right at that moment I didn’t care. Reaching into the packet with my thumb and forefinger, I carefully pulled out a cigarette.

I held the cigarette between two fingers, the way my mother would, and felt another pulse between my legs as I enjoyed the sight of the thin, all white cigarette against my red polished nails.

slowly I turned to look at myself through the fireplace mirror. smiling slyly  I admired my hot body, and I certainly felt hot as my curiosity pushed me a little further. I placed the filter between my lips and sucked hard. Then, removing the unlit cigarette from my mouth I pretended to inhale the imaginary smoke. I sucked the air deep into my lungs and closed my eyes. The taste of mint quickly filled my mouth, awakening my sensitive taste buds as I slid my free hand into my blouse and squeezed my braless breasts.

The tension was building up so much that I thought I was about to explode. I opened my eyes and looked down at the cigarette, still poised between my fingers.

“Shit!” I exclaimed, suddenly realizing what I had done. The cigarette filter was no longer white. Instead, it was stained with my cherry red lipstick. I knew I couldn’t put the cigarette back into the packet without my mother finding out, but something inside of me was stopping me from throwing it in the bin.

It’s like having an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other as I stared down at the cigarette. With my heart racing, my nipples aching, and my pussy throbbing, I gave into the devil and placed the cigarette back into my mouth and reached for the cigarette lighter.

Thanks for reading my blog part 1! If your turned on as much as I am and can’t wait for part 2, check out my audio! hope you enjoyed my very first post! 😀 wanna call me and talk to me about it?



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