Smoking Fetish: His Smoking Fetish had Me Buying Pack after Pack – Part 2

When our smoking fetish ended at part one, we were just about to get down and dirty in the nice grassy area behind the gym.  In case you missed Part 1, you can find it here.  Otherwise, let’s continue the story.

I rolled out my yoga mat on the secluded grassy area and instructed him to stretch out and get comfortable.  After he laid down on the mat I asked him what he found sexy about smoking.  He said he loved a woman’s mouth as it wrapped around a cigarette.  The look of pleasure and satisfaction on her face as the smoke flowed over her moist lips, and with a grin, he said, the way you blow smoke rings.

I could not wait and leaned over and slid my hand down his shorts and pulled out his cock.  It was hard and throbbing already.  I put out my cigarette and leaned toward his cock blowing smoke rings around it.  Then he reached over and slid down my workout shorts.  That is when he discovered how wet my pussy really was.

Picking up a cigarette, I spread my legs and showed him my pink moist lips.  Then, I took the filter and ran it up and down my pussy.  After sliding it into my pussy with slow fucking motions, I pulled it out and The filter was covered in my sweet juices.  Looking him in the eye, I ran the filter across his bottom lips to give him a taste of me.  Then, I put the filter between my lips and handed him the lighter.

Leaning over him, so my breasts grazed his chest, he lit my cigarette.  I took a deep drag and ran my tongue over his lips before I blew it out.

He was smoking hot and his cock was so hard that pre-cum was starting to bead at the tip.

Then, it was time to ride.  I straddled his hips and placed my wet pussy right on his cock flattening it against his stomach.  Since I was so wet, I actually slide back and forth across his cock as if I had used oil to rub him down with.  Taking a long drag off my cigarette with my right hand, I lifted up and with my left hand took his cock and placed it right at the opening of my hot pussy.

As he slid inside of me, the smoke slid out over my moist lips.  As I started bouncing on his cock, he grabbed my breasts and squeezed them together.  Looking down, I took a drag from my cigarette and blew smoke into my cleavage and it plummed out and curled around both tits.

As he thrust up deep inside me I could tell we were both getting ready to cum.  So, I took a long and deep drag and held it for a moment.  Then, we looked into the eyes of each other and both of us started to cum.  As I felt his hot come shoot into me, my hot pussy started to clench and waves of orgasms hit me hard.  At that same moment, I blew out that last deep breath of smoke right at him.

After it was over, I laid in his arms.  While I smoked we discussed his smoking fetish and made plans for our next great smoking adventure.


End of Part 11

 You can find “Part 1” here


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