Smoking Fetish Fantasy- Chloe Wants Pack After Pack-Part 1

Oh my, a Smoking Fetish Fantasy can be fun, especially if you enjoy smoking as much as I do.   Ironically a sexy guy at my gym had a huge smoking fetish. I didn’t even know that a smoking fetish was thing.  Then one day, I was sitting outside after my workout enjoying a smoke. I know, smoking after working out is not the healthiest thing to do.  But, as I said, I LOVE to smoke.   

After enjoying a few drags, this buff and a sexy guy came out the door.  He caught me by surprise.  Being in the middle of taking a long drag, getting ready to feel that smoke flow, I tried hiding the smoke.  I’d been admiring him for a while, and did not want to ruin my chances if he didn’t like smokers.   Since he was a gym rat I was pretty sure he would hate the fact that I smoked.

Then, we made eye contact and I smiled my most seductive and “I would love to fuck you if you are interested” smile.  

After a moment, I saw his eyes go down toward my hand to look at my cigarette.  Moving my hand behind my back, I quickly said I was trying to quit. It wasn’t a lie, I had already cut down quite a bit. However, his reaction left me surprised and a bit confused.  He told me that I shouldn’t do that. It was my turn to look a little baffled.  However, when he said that I looked sexy as hell when I smoked it finally clicked. He had a smoking fetish.

So much for being a healthy work out gym rat, a woman that smoked won the day.

Over the next week, every time he came out of the Gym, I would make sure to be standing there smoking a cigarette.  He would give me a sexy smile and move on to his car.  It began to feel like he was never going to make a move.  But, one day that all changed.

That day, he walked right up to me and then watched my lips as I drew in a long drag.  Looking him straight in the eye, I blew out smoke rings right at him.  He lifted his index finger and slid it right through the ring, in a fucking motion.  I swear my pussy clenched as I imagined him sliding that finger in and out of me.  After what seemed an eternity, with a sexy grin, he said, “Are you trying to turn me on or are you just a cock tease?”

“Me, a cock tease?” I asked.  Then, I looked up at him and in my sexy, seductive voice told him that I never tease.  Picking up my yoga mate I started to walk to a grassy area behind the building.  When I realized he was still standing there, I used the two fingers, holding my cigarette, to make a “come over here baby, gesture.”  At that moment, I could swear I saw something growing in his work out shorts as he followed me.





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