Small Penis Humiliation On A First Date

When it comes to a tiny dick man I am a total stuck up bitch that loves Small Penis Humiliation. Calling me a size queen doesn’t even begin to cover it. Any cock that doesn’t reach my length and width requirements will never be touched by my perfectly manicured hands. Because I don’t handle tiny little shrimp dicks! But I’m also a sneaky, seductive, and teasing Mistress. I always have my ways to get revenge on a little bitch boy who tries to waste my time. Too often I get these sad boys who follow me around like lost puppies, begging for small penis humiliation. They also beg for my attention, anything that I’ll give them. I’ve had men grovel at my feet and plead for the chance to touch me and to prove to me their submissiveness. 

But I have more than just high standards, I have size standards.

It’s the men who don’t even know they are so fucking pathetic that are the most fun to torment with Small Penis Humiliation. I’ll meet a guy who seems like he has the whole package if you know I mean. He’s tall, handsome, and spoils me with attention and gifts. Then I give him the chance to fuck me and everything changes. How does a full-grown man actually have the cock of a small shrimp? I’m never able to stop myself from degrading him right to his face. It’s not my fault though, men should know better than to even try and come after me with that pathetic fucking skin flap hanging off his body. It really is a sad waste of a man.

So, what’s a girl to do when her date pulls out a micropenis smaller than his fucking pinky Small Penis Humiliation of course!

Well, that’s when the real kinky fun starts. I have a friend who is always ready for these kinds of situations. I text Tom, my friend my distress signal and he’ll be there in no time. While shrimp boy unknowingly waits for my friend to show up, I make him sit on the bed. I let him watch while I slowly undress. Teasing him, dancing for him, and touching my perfect tits and bald pussy. I slapped his hand away when he reached to touch his cock.  It’s not the time for that yet, I tell him you need to prepare yourself to be educated on small penis humiliation. It’s all I can do not to giggle at his little clitty swelling up.

I take my dirty panties and shove them in his mouth. I can see the excitement in his eyes when I tie him up.

He thinks he hit the jackpot, a sexy kinky girl is going to tie him up and bounce on his cock. I don’t fucking think so. Once he’s nice and secure, no way to escape, I let him in on the secret. I take my panties out and whisper in his ear that he’s going to find out what a real man’s cock looks like tonight. I leave him there to mull over what I could have meant by that and go let my friend inside. When I come back to the room I’m followed by a huge black guy with a cock that’s massive even before it’s hard and I look at my date as he almost whimpers when he looks down at his pathetic little shrimp cock.

The protesting and begging to be untied is met by my panties being returned to his mouth.

His eyes never left the live porn scene happening in front of him though. I made him watch while I sucked a BBC so fucking huge it can’t even fit into my mouth. It takes both my hands to stroke it. Then I let my big black bull fuck me hard and rough over the top my shrimp dick bitch boy, and then bent over the bed and motioned for him to come to me. Then when I knew it was close to the grand finale, I realized how much it turned me on to be degrading this shrimp dick. I told shrimp boy to get on his knees and to start sucking on my clit.

Then I made him lick me while that bare black cock pounded my tight bald pussy. Then my big black bull exploded a huge load of cum into my gaping wide pussy. I then ordered my humiliated shrimp dick and told him that he would be the slut cleaning the cum that was dripping out of me. He admitted his submissiveness to me and knew he was nothing more than a tiny dick sissy bitch.

When I was fully cleaned out I threw him outside wearing my panties, cum still smeared on his face and told him to take his fucking walk of shame home. It’s always a feeling of fulfillment when I can teach a sissy boy where his place is and teach him a lesson in small penis humiliation. I have a feeling he will back for another show.

Little does he know, he’ll be the one taking cock next time.

Ready to prove to me that you are big enough for this size Queen?




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