Small penis humiliation Phone Sex: Sometimes it’s the small things, Part 2

Small penis humiliation, my story continued.  Little dick losers like you should know their place in society and life.  I can think of a few things little dick losers like you are good for. One of them doesn’t include sticking it inside of me or any other woman who wants a real man’s cock.  I have a pair of panties that would look fabulous on your feminine physique!  You look like a girl in between your legs anyways so this pair of pink panties would work!  You know that is all you are worthy of.  Then I would set up a small party of all my girl and guy friends.  We would theme the party “Check out the Pathetic  Tiny Little Penis Looser.”  Just think you would get to be the center of attention at the party!  Everyone would get to see what a itty bitty cock you have!  My friends would laugh and laugh and point at you chanting: loser..loser..loser.

You are making out with your dream girl and getting more turned on by the minute.

I think it is time you show her your pussy licking skills because once she sees that pathetic little cock of yours that will be it!  She will be so disappointed in what she sees, if she is looking for a big hard dick! You are definitely going to have to make up for it somehow!

I think she will have you in her sexiest panties by the time it is all said and done. Get ready for her to demonstrate her Small Penis Humiliations skills. Knowing you won’t be able to satisfy her with your itty bitty tiny penis, you are going to succumb to the fact that you are going to become her little fuck toy.  I can see it now, she will dress you up in her little bitty pink panties and let’s face it, you will look just like you have a pussy in those panties.  No one will be able to tell you are a guy at all.  Next I bet she will put stockings and a tight little mini dress on you with a pair of heels.  Let’s not forget the wig and makeup.

You are embarrassed and kind of turned on at the same time being in front of her girlfriends and guy friends dressed like an eager slut!

Now all of her friends are there laughing at you and getting ready to use you like the little slut you are.  You will be on your knees sucking cock after cock.  Even the women will be there with strap ons waiting for you to suck on them also.  The whole time they will be laughing at you!  You will be the little bitch of the night.  If you have a little pussy then you will be treated like one.

We will all have so much fun with you, even your dream girl!   Teaching you how to suck cock will be so much fun and I know you will master it because the whole time you will be wishing you had a cock worthy of sucking!  Next we are going to take turns fucking you.

We want to show you  what itty bitty penis losers like you, get treated like.

You are my little panty boy now, aren’t you?  Those little panties look so good on you all my guy friends are going to want to fuck you with their big meaty man cocks!  They are going to bend you over and slip their real man cocks inside of you and fuck the shit out of you and treat you like a piece of meat.  Hell I might even pimp you out for the right price!  You never know what I may do with you and your tiny penis, the possibilities are endless.


If you missed part 1 of my Small Penis Humiliation story, then you should check it out.

Or if you want to hear this story in my own words, check out my audio blog.





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