Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex: Sometimes It Is the Small Things, Part1

So you have finally done it!  The girl of your dreams has agreed to go on a date with you.   Now you have to plan the perfect date because you want so badly to win her over before she starts her small penis humiliation.  You know it will happen when she sees your itty bitty dick.  Deciding on the romantic angle you make reservations at the swankiest restaurant in town.    Showing up at her door with a single red rose seemed so much more romantic than a whole bunch of flowers.  Yes, that sounds like a winning idea!  Reservations made and flower ordered, you dress in your best suit and head out to pick her up.  At the restaurant you spare no expense and order champagne  So far so good because she seems blown away.  After dinner a carriage ride through the park to look at all the beautiful Christmas lights. This seems extremely romantic right?

The night is nearing the end and you don’t want it to end.  You drive her home and walk her to her front door.  There it is time to try to kiss her and see where it goes.  You both are talking, nervously.  She tells you how much she enjoyed the evening and how everything was so perfect.

This was your chance, and you lean in to give her a kiss.   To your delight she kisses you back.   The kiss turns very passionate very quickly.  Your tongues are caressing each other in a never ending deep french kiss..  Now that has got your cock really hard just what are you planning on doing about it?  I wonder if you remember your tiny dilemma? You know your little tiny penis.   As you continue kissing her you are wondering where this kiss might lead the both of you?  Crossing your fingers you are hoping that you  will do more than just kiss.

The anticipation is great as you are hoping that one thing will lead to another.

She opens the door to her house and asks you if you would like to come in.  Nodding you continue to kiss her and stumble into the house.  Running your fingers through her long flowing hair and caressing her face, she looks into your eyes and she asks if you want a nightcap.   Letting her know that you would love a night cap you keep your fingers crossed that  she eventually might ask you if you want something else.  Well, well now this night is going to lead to something else for sure.  You are caught up in the moment and are so excited that you almost forgot about your little problem!  What is that problem you ask?  You know that little tiny penis thing you have between your legs!

That would be your little bitty, teeny, tiny cock!

Wow, what a predicament you are in now!  Whatever will you do?  Do you think she is going love that itty bitty baby dick you have bobbing between your legs?  What do you think she is going to do when she sees you have nothing to work with?  Can you imagine you are both kissing and taking your clothes off at the same time. Then as she slides your pants and underwear off expecting something to poke up at her and she sees that little bit of a cock you have.  What do you think she is going to do?

Your so called cock, if that is what you call it, just lies there like an inny belly button.  She is probably going to do what I would do when she sees that little bitty button looking thing between your legs, I would bust out laughing at your teeny penis!  OMG!  Look at that little thing! I have changed babies diapers that have bigger cocks than that!  What do you expect me to do with that? A pair of tweezers is almost too big for that puny thing!  You must have to sit down to pee because you can’t get a hold of that teeny weeny thing with your fingers to hold it so pee doesn’t go everywhere, hahahaha!


Come back on Sunday to check out Part 2 of my Small Penis Humiliation story.  But if you can’t wait check out my audio blog.

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