Small Dick Humiliation Fantasy with Rhiannon – Part Two



When we last left off, you were in my room and I was getting you naked. If you need a full reminder of what happened, be sure to check out Part One. You wouldn’t want to fall behind on the humiliation of your small dick, would you?


Oh, my little bitch. I want to see your jizz all over your stomach. Make a fucking mess of yourself, you little-dicked bitch. I want to see the shine of your cum on your belly, your thighs.


You need to be a filthy little mess for me.


With that, I ask you to lie on my bed. You’re a good boy so far, so you’ve earned being in my bed. Your head is propped up on one of my personal pillows. The scent of my hair fills your nostrils and I’m all around you. Isn’t it nice to be in my bed, naked and waiting to see what will happen next? I walk up the side of my bed and whisper into your ear, “I’m going to fuck your pussy and watch your little clit jump for me.” 


You roll over onto your stomach, your face down in my pillow. I’m going to turn you into a little pillow biter and you’re going to love every moment of it. Next to my bed is a side table, and like many other women, I keep mine well-stocked with toys as well as lubricant. Out of the side table comes a contraption you might have seen before, or perhaps it’s new to you. A harness that will hold a large, black, dildo in place, swings about my fingertip as I spin it.


 My excitement is mounting, and I can’t wait to get undressed! The harness and dildo get placed on the side table while I strip my tank top and shorts from my curvaceous body. With ease, I fasten the harness in place and insert the flat-backed dildo, especially made for pillow biters like you, into the front. 


The cock I have is so much bigger than yours! It’s nice and thick, and I can’t wait to fill up your asshole pussy with it. Before lubing up my dick, I pat your head and run my fingers gingerly through your hair.


You musn’t forget I do love my little bitches, even if I humiliate and degrade them. 


The lubed up strap-on caresses you between your ass cheeks, giving your pussy asshole a little taste of what’s to come, before my pelvis claps against your ass cheeks. I want to hear you moan for me as your little dick fills with blood and becomes, what we can only assume is, erect. Your moans are so sweet to me. They’re musical, and only encourage me more to fuck your tight little pussy with my big mean dick. 


With each of your moans, I pump in and out of your asshole, then have you get onto your knees. Coos of encouragement from me can be heard as I instruct you to flick your small dick like I do my clit. Rubbing your fingers over the head as I fuck your ass, my thighs clapping against your ass cheeks. I want you to fucking cum for me. Show me that you have a dick. Shoot a big mess of cum onto my pretty pink bed, and then I can make you lick it up later. 


You open your mouth wide, and with a final thrust into your ass pussy, your loud moans fill my bedroom as you cum ribbons of sticky semen onto my duvet. With that, I pull my cock out of your ass and pet your head again, letting you know that you are such a very, very good little bitch.

I hope you enjoyed this fantasy! I loved degrading and humiliating you. Don’t forget that you can buy this audio right here. I’m also happy to do a call with you. Feel free to email me at so we can set up a time to play. You won’t be disappointed!


Until next time, my little bitch.





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