Small Dick Humiliation Fantasy with Rhiannon – Part One


Some women are size queens. Hell, some men are too! They like a nice big, thick, cock to stretch them out while they moan and beg for more. It gets me wet just thinking about it, honestly. While I understand the fascination with size, I like men with small dicks too. I love to humiliate the absolute fuck out of them. Are you a man with a teeny tiny little weenie? Then this blog is absolutely for you. I hope you enjoy it and then call me so that I can degrade you, just the way you like.


When I was much more innocent than I am now, it never occurred to me that anyone would ever love to be humiliated and talked down to. I always thought that men liked to have their egos, as well as their cocks, stroked and told that they’re the best and biggest I’ve ever had. Of course, this isn’t always true. Imagine my surprise when someone told me they wanted me to tell them horrible things about their cock! 


Who would ever think of such a thing? Probably a little deviant like you.


At first, I was pretty hesitant. But now? I absolutely fucking love talking down to men about their clit-sized dicks. I get off on it. Truly! It’s a wonderful exchange of power, and being in control is so very satisfying. Let me be in control of you. 


I want to bring you into my bedroom. If you haven’t spoken with me before, my bedroom is deceptive in its sweetness. Everything is pink, princess-y, and so cheerful it will make you wanna vomit rainbows. But now that you’re standing with me, in my bedroom, I look you up and down, biting my lip with curiosity. “Take off your fucking clothes,” I tell you. I watch you intently as you pull your shirt over your head, then pull down your pants, leaving you in just a pair of underwear. 


“Nice panties,” I tell you, smiling a wicked little grin. I love how you listen to me, how you pay attention and follow my directions. You’re such a good little-dicked bitch, and I can’t wait to see how hard I can get you today. Will I even be able to notice that your cock is erect, or will I have to get out a magnifying glass to see your willy?


Next, I tell you to remove your little bitch panties. Oh? Did I see your little bean twitch with excitement? It’s so hard to tell through the fabric. Is that the ridge of your cock or a pube showing through the material? You slide the underwear down your legs and step out of them, casting them aside with the rest of your forgotten clothing. 


I can’t wait for you to see what will happen next! You may be surprised.


Now you stand before me, completely nude, while I am fully clothed. The stark differences between us are so apparent at this point. With a well-manicured fingernail, I reach out and touch what I think might be your tiny little dick. I want to see if you can get hard for me. I want to see your tiny cock jump to life at my words, at the names I call you, and then I want you to shoot a hot load for me. 


This was Part One of my blog. The next part of my blog will be available on Sunday and I know you’re going to read it. Be a good boy for me and check out the whole audio right here. Buy the audio so that you can touch your pathetic little piece of meat to my sweet, sensual voice.


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Until next time, my little bitch.





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