Small Dick Humiliation- Christmas Cuck


I can just imagine that most of you small dick humiliation cuck’s wished that Santa was able to fix that tiny clit sized penis of yours. I mean if I was you it would be all I wished for. Obviously, that isn’t going to happen for you ever. You can go by toys to cover up that tic-tac sized cock of yours, but that is as close as you are gonna get. ‘Tis the season for giving after all, so here is my gift to you. I am going to let you fluff my BBC as my present to you. On the positive side, this will probably make your day, and I will have an orgasm out of this world. Of course, I have the perfect dick in mind. If you have read my blogs before, or you’ve been my cuck I bet you can guess who.


My favorite 9 ½  milk chocolate dick is back for round 2. That’s right it’s my ex B.


To emphasize, this is the best dick I have ever had and I’m willing to share this experience with you. Your small dick leaves you not deserving much so it must be the holiday cheer. With this in mind, lollipop sized cuck of mine you better fluff real good. When he gets here I will be naked and on the bed waiting, I want you to let him in. As soon as he gets in the bedroom I plan on pulling out that long beautiful shaft and swallowing it whole. Getting him good and hard. In the meantime, get naked. To begin with, some tiny dick humiliation. That’s right you need to see how inadequate you are. Putting your baby carrot next to his giant glistening dick so I can laugh at it. 


Is your dick even half his size? To be honest, I think his balls are bigger than your pea-cock hard. Why would I ever fuck you when there is a dick like this around. Not only is he double in size lengthwise, look at his girth. His fat black dick should be worshipped. To emphasize, I take them both in one hand. Do you see how pitful you are yet? Now while I go back to gagging on this BBC I want you to get behind me and lick on this giant fat ass of mine. Getting me soaking wet and ready to be fucked. While you suck on my pretty pierced clit, reach around and grab his full heavy balls. Rubbing small deep circles into that giant sack. Now come bring your little cuck mouth over to mine and open wide. Taking that nutsack all the way in.


That tiny dick of yours must seem even smaller right now doesn’t it?


 While his rock hard cock throbs and pulsates in your cuck face. Pulling it out of my mouth and laying his spit-soaked shaft on your face. I want you to stroke that BBC till he busts his 1st nut all over my sweet ass. Now, lick it all off my ass and his dick. Making him good and hard and ready to fuck me like you never could. 


Are you enjoying this small dick humiliation cuck fantasy? If you are make sure you check out the 1st time I fucked B. Also, I am sure you don’t want to wait a week to finish this story go get the audio right now. Plus you will get to actually hear me suck and fuck this giant black dick!


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