Small Dick Humiliation- Christmas Cuck-Part 2


So, my small dick cuck has come back for round 2. Are you ready for more humiliation? Did you listen to me get fucked like the good little cuck you are? How about the blog I referred you to, did you read that? Obviously, I just love small dick humiliation and you cucks are just so much fun. To be honest, this feels more like a Christmas present for me than for you. I am pretty sure you remember where we left off. Nonetheless, if you need a reminder here ya go.


Obviously, watching you, my small dick cuck eat all that cum, and making him hard again got my pussy throbbing. Even though that tiny little clit sized penis would never be allowed to touch my pussy, you still know just what I need to get me ready. To explain, there is nothing more powerful than watching you realize how insufficient you are. How you are half the man he is. Furthermore, making you eat all of that hot sticky load well let’s face it that shit was hot! That being said, my pretty pierced snatch is pulsating and dripping wet with anticipation.  I am ready to be thoroughly fucked by this delicious heavy black dick. 


Snatching that BBC out of your small hands, and putting it deep down my throat, while looking you in the eye. Reminding you that you are my small dick cuck and this is about my orgasm.


Suddenly, B grabs me by the waist lifting me up, and flips me over. Pinning both of my legs up by my ears he slides that glorious dick inside of me. Thrusting all of it deep inside my pink wet fuckhole. All things considered, you should feel pretty pathetic at this point. To drive home the point, B looks at you and says “You small dick cuck, you think you could make her pussy cling to your tiny dick like this?” and laughs. Simultaneously, I grab your head bringing it down to my thighs. I want you to watch each and every inch plunging deep into me. B snarls with excitement and starts to go harder, and at that moment, I can feel it in my stomach. This is exactly what a real man feels like.


B drags your mouth to my clit as he drills even deeper into my sweet wet pussy. 


My stretched cunt starts to drip as I get ready to squirt all over his chocolate shaft and your face. After all, this is exactly what this is about correct? Me cumming in ways that you could not even begin to produce with that baby dick. He can feel me on the verge of letting go and he goes even harder making me convulse. I squirt more cum than ever before all over you and him. As has been noted, he is the best lay I have ever had and he is relentless. He refuses to let my orgasm die down and just keeps making that huge dick jump inside my snatch with every throb. I’m in such ecstasy that there are just feral sounds coming from my throat. 


He is on the verge of exploding himself and prepares for the ultimate small dick humiliation move. Telling you to place that tiny thing right by my clit. Instantly, pulling out and shooting that thick load of nut all over your small dick. As a result, your insignificant ball sack lets loose as well. You bend forward to clean off my hard cum drenched clit as he reinserts himself inside of me. I cum again all over your pretty little mouth.  Looks like we all got what we wanted for Christmas this year.

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