That makes them weak in the knees every single time! Once the congregation is distracted, I ask them to meet me in the courtyard.

By then, it is time, they know I just want them to pound my wet pink pussy. I swear, by the time everyone bows their head to pray, my pussy is already soaking through my panties and dripping on the pews! So by the luncheon, I am really aching for it. I really need to get my slutty church girl cunt fucked before I start finger fucking myself right then and there! I get so impatient, I cannot wait! So obviously, I always get there first. Luckily for me, no one is around so I make sure to strip naked right in the church garden and wait for my classmate’s hot older dad! They instantly get a fat rock-hard cock when they see what a little blasphemous whore I am!

Who knew the goody two shoes could be such a naughty little whore.

Their whole bodies just get red hot with horniness watching a slutty church girl like me play with myself in the middle of the holy house’s courtyard! Their cocks practically burst out of their pants every single time they lay eyes on me. My skillful, blasphemous mouth is perfect for sucking their juicy cocks! Their moans make me giggle with glee. I think they really do underestimate how skillful my little mouth is. While I lick their cum filled balls with my sinful pink tongue, they can’t help but praise the Lord. But, I may look like an angel of God but I suck and fuck like Satan’s little slutty church girl. So they really are singing the wrong praises!

And ironically, those “men of God” sure do love skull fucking me until my pussy drips wet.

I love getting used up like a little whore. After all, slutty church girls like me can’t resist a good rough fuck. My sweet pussy drips for hardcore sex! And once they shove it in me, all bets are off. I want to be drilled and pounded as I beg for them to fill my bald cunt up with cum. Getting fucked right there in the middle of the courtyard totally fulfills the exhiibitionist side of me. I just love getting my pussy fucked right there in the church garden. Knowing that at any moment someone could walk by! My filthy little orgasms always make me squeal in delight when I get my sweet teen pussy cream-pied with hot sticky cum! Praise Jesus!


Why don’t we fuck in church and have some real fun! You will love my dirty mind. I have the sweetest voice you will ever hear, but I have the mouth of a sinner! My tight, wet pussy is always ready for cock. Make sure to check out part 1 for the whole story! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog.

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