My sweet looks allow me to get away with everything I want. And I fully take advantage of it! 

Everyone in my small town community thinks that I am such an innocent, God-fearing good girl. But I am not really that innocent, I am the naughtiest slutty church girl ever! If it wasn’t for my mom and dad always making me go to church and Sunday School every week; I would be out getting fucked. They want me to be their picture-perfect angel, it is so fucking annoying. But what Mom and dad don’t know is that I wear the shortest skirts when I go! I also put on the sneakiest little see-through tops and the tiniest panties I can find! My mom and dad have no idea what a slutty church girl I am! 

And they have no idea that I love teasing my Sunday School classmates and all those hot older volunteer dads with my tight body. Whenever those pesky moms aren’t looking, I make sure to bend over for them and flash my perky teen ass and dirty pink panties for their husbands and sons! They all think I’m wifey material for their boys but in reality, I am after their husbands mostly. Little do they know, the sight of my bare, tight ass gets them all riled up and horny as fuck! I love driving all my church and Sunday School classmate’s hot dads crazy with lust and sin! Teasing them just tickles my fancy and I can’t get enough of it! I just can’t help myself, 

I want every single dad in the congregation  to be driven with lust for me.

Who cares about the bible when you have a perfectly fit little fuck slut right in front of you? I just keep flaunting my little tight body in front of them until they can’t even hide their bulging fat cocks. Making those cocks get so fucking rock hard in their pants gets my pussy so fucking wet. They can barely handle the sight of a slutty church girl like me! They’re aching for a piece of me. Sure enough, my plan to seduce them always ends up working. I love teasing them during all the sermons! After all, flashing them right before the Lord’s eyes always gets me dripping wet.

Of course I always let them sneak a peek while we’re bowed in prayer. It always drives them crazy once they spot me spreading my legs open. They all watch in shock and awe when I slide my fingers outside my wet panties. That always seems to draw their attention! I love the look on their faces when they see my wet pussy just dribbling in my panties! Sure enough, those horny dads always pull me aside to check me out up close. I don’t blame them– I am totally asking for it. I really am such a dirty little tease. Reeling them in is too easy, I love pretending like I’m a shy girl while I slyly graze my hand over their huge bulge and whisper for them to fuck me during the Sunday luncheon. 

Looking for some blasphemous, dirty fun with a little whore like me? Make sure to check out part 2 to see where this goes! Also, be sure to check out my audio page for the raunchier audio version of this blog.

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