Sleeping soundly, Aria powerless to refuse her

nighttime visitor part two

So this is the moment you have been waiting for. I’m laying in bed, sleeping soundly, and you are about to climb on top of me. Prowling slowly towards me, your prey, you are finally mounted on top of me. My petite frame, my face so serene and innocent in sleep. You can’t stand it any longer, you need to be inside of me now.

You spread my legs nice and wide and run the head of your cock up and down my bald little pussy. Your tip splits my lips open and your head gets coated in my juice. Before you even realize it, you push forward and force your cock inside me. I gasp loudly in my sleep and you still. You stay there, propped up on top of me with your cock all the way in for what seems like forever.

Finally, you deem it safe to move, and so you begin thrusting in and out of me. So slow that its nearly painful for you to hold back. It’s a good thing that you go slow, because the excitement of what you are doing nearly push you over the edge within minutes. But your painstaking pace keeps you from cumming too soon.

Eventually you find a steady pace. In… out… in.. and out… You take your time to let one of your hands slide up under my shirt and begin teasing my stiff nipples. You prop yourself upright so that you are just on your knees, and it frees your other hand so that you can rub my clit with the pad of your thumb.

This gives you the perfect bird’s eye view of my vulnerable sleeping form.

Spread open, nipples hard, half naked, and under our complete control. My chest rising and falling a little faster under your actions. You can see how your cock is glistening with my juices, my breathing ragged and erratic. You can see my eyes moving rapidly under my lids, and you know that I must be dreaming about what you are doing to me in real life.

I’ll wake up in the morning with my inner thighs slick with cum and juices, and I’ll write it off to a wet dream. Those thoughts make you even more bold, and you pick up the pace of your movements. Now, besides the sound of my ragged breathing, the sound of your balls softly slapping my ass echos into the darkness.

I’m moaning softly, licking my lips.

You’re in too deep to stop now, so you don’t even stop when you see my hand moving. You just keep thrusting deep inside me as you watch my hand move lower and lower. When you realize what I was doing it made you lean forward so you can thrust harder.

I’m such a whore in my waking life, that I’m nowhere near to waking up if you go harder. I’m rubbing my own clit in my sleep, and you take that as all the permission you need to start really pounding me. My soft moans egg you on, and you dig deep. The excitement is getting to you, the thrill of fucking an unconscious girl.

You speed up, pounding for all your worth, and you don’t stop when you start to cum. You pump me full of your seed, making sure you release deep inside me. So, the first night of your plan has gone off without a hitch. As you pull out, you wonder to yourself… How many times before you can safely start violating my ass in my sleep. The thought puts a predatory smile on your face. Soon.

I hope you enjoyed reading the finale to my Sleeping Soundly blog. If you missed part one, it can be found here. If you want to hear the delicious audio where things get spicy, it can be found here! Xoxo Aria

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