Sleeping soundly, Aria powerless to refuse her

nighttime visitor part one

It’s late, or maybe it’s early depending on your perspective. The clock on my nightstand reads 3:06AM and I’m in bed sleeping soundly. Fall is in full swing and there is a chill in the air. Despite the chill, I’m only wearing a thin spaghetti strap tank and a pair of navy blue panties. I shift position in bed and you freeze in the spot. Luckily I’m a very deep sleeper, and I let out a long contented sigh.

So it’s lucky for you that I happen to overheat in my sleep, because you have a perfect view of my bare legs poking out from beneath the covers. Slowly, so not to wake me, you approach my bed. Your hand reaches out tentatively to touch my smooth calf. You let out a shaky breath and let your hand slide up the silky expanse of skin.

The feel of my soft skin arouses you. Even more so because I’m unaware of your touch. Knowing that I am deep asleep while you touch me gets you off. The bulge in your pants is painful, so you undo your jeans and pull your cock out. It throbs in excitement and it drives you to go further in your endeavor.

Finally you are standing over me, your cock twitching with excitement. You shift your stance so that you can caress my silky outer thigh with the head of your cock. With each touch you grow bolder and bolder, convincing yourself that I’m too deep in my slumber to wake up.

So you reach over and part my legs, spreading them enough to give you a good view.

You move my blanket off of me and you let your hand graze up my soft inner thigh. I let out a small noise in my sleep and almost as if I was inviting you to touch me, I spread my legs farther. You stay frozen in your tracks as you make sure I’m still asleep. Once you are sure, your fingers creep higher and higher until you are rubbing my pussy through my soft cotton panties.

So your thumb presses into my clit and you start stroking as you hear my breathing get a little ragged. My panties begin to get wet as you keep toying with me. It’s not just the fact that I’m asleep that’s getting you off, its the fact that I’m getting off while I’m asleep thanks to you. It’s just so exciting for you, that you can’t hold back anymore.

Slowly, you pull my panties down and off. My body complies as you move me around for our preference, your heart racing the entire time. I am completely unconscious, vulnerable to your every whim. You could do anything you wanted to me and I couldn’t resist.

Violating my body has been your dream for a long long time. You want to ravage me, but you know stealth is your only option for now. You’ve been planning this out for a long time. If I’m going to be a long term victim, I have to get used to these sensations before you can fuck me how you really want.

But now, with my panties gone and my legs spread, you are barely containing yourself. You’re going to finally feel what it’s like to be inside of me. And I have no idea it’s about to happen…

Enjoying my Sleeping Soundly blog? Catch the finale on Friday! If you want to experience the moment yourself, check out the audio here… xoxo Aria

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