Sky’s seductive co-worker

Sky’s seductive co-worker. I knew it when I first met him — this was a guy who would be a challenge. He was relaxed enough to talk about sex with a woman at the office, though not relaxed to talk about his own sexual experiences. The abstract was OK, but the personal was embarrassing. He’d blush sometimes, enough to be charming but not so often as a prude. He liked sex.

My curiosity about Kinks 

A lot. And he no doubt had peculiarities, as I prefer to call kinks. I’m always the curious sort about kinks. What makes other people’s ticks fascinate me. I found our conversations over lunch and occasional dinners titillating and knew I wanted more. And he did. But he never made a move. Finally, one night he hugged me, and this was an opening. Though not the time to take it. On Friday, on one of our fairly regular dates, though I’d worn a top that was somewhat sheer with a sheer bra underneath it.

Good conversation and laughs

He pretended not to notice, though he went to the restroom during dinner and came back erect. And it wasn’t the first time. I noticed but naturally pretended I didn’t. We went back to good conversation and laughs. Later, we went to his apartment. When he sat next to me and gave me his “keep-away” body language, I put my arms around him. “Kiss me,” I said.

The Second step 

“I don’t date coworkers,” he said. No? Then why had we been on several dates? Why had he brought me up to his apartment? “I wasn’t asking for a date,” I said. I kissed him, and after the initial protest of trying to pull away, he moved into the kiss. A few minutes later, he was on top of me kissing me passionately.

Reaching Down for more 

He was hard. I looked in his eyes and saw a guy who knew he’d been had. Or was it going to be had? I reached down to massage him through his pants. “Maybe you don’t want to date me, but you sure do want something else. Tell me, what did you have in mind?”  “This isn’t a good idea,” he said weakly.

I knew what to do 

I started unzipping him and he moaned softly. “But you want it, don’t you?” He said nothing, just laid his head back and closed his eyes. I repeated the question. “Yes,” he whispered finally. “You know what to do, don’t you?” I started undoing his belt. “What?” “Take me into your room and drop your pants.”

I knew he was a slob, but the living room was neat, so I  didn’t know how much of a slob he was. He hesitated. “I know your room’s a mess, but take me in there and make it with me.” He started to move, then hesitated again. “Now!”

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