Sky’s College fees paid by a naughty professor

Sky’s College fees paid by a naughty professor. He started pressing my nipples very hard and I too started pressing his cock very hard and playing with his balls and started pressing his balls so that he could also get the pain, and now he pulled me through the hairs and pressed his cock on my mouth I open my mouth and took it inside and started sucking it.

He said you’re a perfect slut in sucking he was pressing my boobs and started moaning he started moaning loud I pressed his balls hard and make him come to senses ,he started and started deep throating me I was gagging my saliva was coming out from my mouth continuously, and within 5 mins he left all the cum in my mouth I drank half of it and some was flowing out of my mouth.

He was very happy by this session

He then removed his cock from my mouth and started cleaning it with tissue, I was having the cum taste in my mouth I was just drinking it very slowly so I could feel the taste and he saw as there was cum on my face he offered me a tissue to clean I denied and licked it from my tongue all over and drank it he was very happy by this session, he said I will pay your half remaining fees as you have satisfied me and asked me to come tomorrow to collect the receipt of the half paid fees.

As soon as I entered

And said not to wear panties and bra tomorrow also and after 12.00 to come to his cabin to complete the payment of my full fees, next day I reached his cabin around 1.00 pm instead of 12.00 he was very angry as soon I entered the cabin he asked me to lock the door and undress. He said I asked you to come at noon and you’re coming at 1.00 so this is your punishment you will be nude in the cabin.

Hit the scale on my ass

I untied the knot of my lower pant and then it dropped down as per his instruction I was not wearing panty inside and my pussy was Lil hairy. I removed my top and covered my boobs with one hand and pussy with another hand. Then he took the scale in his hand and came near the door and then hit the scale on my ass very hard, I screamed a Lil bit and removed my hand from my boobs and started holding my ass where he had hit the scale. He then again hit the scale on my left boob and nipple it became a red color.

The liquid was flowing from my pussy

Then he said this is your punishment you have come late so I was crying and he asked me to sit on my knees and then hold my hair and dragged me to the chair and he sat on the chair and asked me to suck the cock and he was pressing boobs and trying to finger my pussy, the liquid was flowing from my pussy he removed the finger from my pussy and slapped me and said bitch your feeling so much that your liquid is flowing, then he asked me to stand and bend on the table at the edge as there were many documents and papers on the table.

Bent over the table

Then he inserted his cock inside my pussy so hard that I slipped from the table and fell and his cock came out in seconds. Then he again pulled me from my hair and ask to bend on the table I did it again he inserted the cock inside pussy and started fucking me very hard his cock was very hard and I was feeling it and it was so good .

Tried inserting a finger in my ass

His sound was all over the room and he held my boobs and started fucking me hard .Then slapping my ass and meanwhile he applied some saliva to the ass . Suddenly tried inserting a finger in that I removed his finger while he was trying and was getting fucked and then he took and thick pen and inserted half of the pen inside my pussy and started fucking my ass with pen and pussy with cock

I came around 2 times

After 15 mins he asked me to turn front and started fucking for 5 mins . Later on I was just feeling the pleasure which was given from him ,then pen was in my ass only. I came around 2 times in this session and after 10 mins he pulled his cock from pussy . Afterwards Started stroking and came all over my body and Face . He then ask me to lick and eat all the cum and asked me to suck and clean the cock. I did the same then he offered me a tissue to clean up . He then game me the money and  said this is for my pussy as it has fulfilled his dream. 

I hope you enjoyed Sky’s College fees paid by a naughty professor .Check out my other Blogs and Audio Here .

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