Sky’s College fees paid by a naughty professor

Sky’s College fees paid by a naughty professor. All this started when I completed my schooling and joined college. Starting when I joined college I was in shortage of money as I am from a very poor family when I joined the college fees got hiked and I was unable to pay the fees and was called every day to the accountant room to know when will I pay the fees, I told him everything about my financial status and all and said I could not pay the remaining amount, he then said if I am unable to pay I need to speak to the principal regarding this if not I will be removed from college very soon.

Afterwards I directly went near his chair

I started crying I said I am the only hope for my family and pleaded very much to him. However he said if he does not collect it from me he has to pay it from his end. Then while crying something came into my mind. I directly went near his chair sat on my knees kept the forehead on his knees . Both the hands on his thighs and started crying, he was shocked by this behavior. Suddenly he held my hands on his thighs and started pressing .Afterwards I got to know that he needs something to help, so I told him I could do anything to be in college

I need to do a favor for him

He then without uttering a word stood up and went near the door and closed it, I thought I am going to be fucked today in this room, he came near the chair and sat there and took my hand in his hands and started to press them I was crying very much, he said not to cry and said he might help me but I need to do a favor for him I said I will do anything you say.

Consistently staring at my boobs

He started rubbing his crotch on the pants by staring at my cleavage as the dress I wore was a little deep neck as I don’t have more bra I didn’t wear a bra that day .He was consistently staring at my boobs and rubbing his cock, I went near him he again took my hand and kept on his thighs and started to rub on his thighs and took my left hand and kept on his cock. I understood and started pressing his cock over the pants only he then held my hair and started playing with that, and slowly while I was pressing his cock his hand came over my boobs and started caressing that and pressing it slowly.

Around 7” inches long 

I took a step ahead and started unzipping his pant and unbuttoned his pant. Secondly  he was trying to press my boobs over my top only. Slowly removed his boxer his cock was fully erect . I started pressing the hold very hard. I love cocks very much .Thirdly started removing both pants and boxers of him, his cock popped out It was around 7” inch and 2.5” thick.

Afterwards I started stroking the cock and he entered his hand under my top . I was shocked that I haven’t worn the bra. He slapped me on my cheek and said you slut you wanted this .You never wear the bra today ,because you need to do this right. I by nodding my head said NO I don’t have bra so I didn’t wear it.

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