Skylar takes it in the Ass-Anal Play Part 2

Skylar takes it in the Ass-Anal Play Part 2. Nick is huge he fills up my entered pussy….banging away throwing all caution to the wind I tell him in between kisses fuck me, Nick, I want you. This excited not just Nick but me as well his reaction was quite the turn-on…fuck me from behind Nick he does I want to ride u I do. We keep meeting each other’s thrusts with our own.

It was like warm butter

Nick knew how to use his huge thick cock ripping my pussy up…the faster Nick went the faster I met pussy was completely opened now Nick slid in and out easily he said it was like fucking warm butter with that I let loose omg I was coming and coming buckets…Nick was so deep into my pussy I swear I could feel his cock in my stomach but we kept on fucking I wanted to fuck him all day.

Finally after I had my 5th

I told Nick to stop. I wanted to suck his huge cock again he did so I sucked his cock again. And I tasted myself on his cock. Nick ate me again and we got back to fucking….I don’t know how long we had sex had to be over an hour finally after I had my 5th orgasm it was Nick’s turn he asked me where to cum was trying to say where he Rams his cock so fucking deep inside of me all I could do was open my legs and take his cock ramming as he unloads inside of me he drained himself I felt his cock still throbbing inside of me.

We did it all standing

After we talked I said I had to fuck you Nick you turned me on like no other. Until the day I left which was 5 days from that day I had sex with Nick every day…I put him through the wringer as Nick did to me. We did it all standing sex me bending over on the top deck in the chairs every conceivable position every sexual act I left nothing to chance. I never sucked a cock as much as I did Nick’s…or had that much sex in a week he just did something to me he’d look at me I’d want to fuck him.

Skylar takes it in the Ass-Anal Play Part 2

The very last night was a marathon… Nick finally got my ass. He did try but got frustrated when it didn’t find its way in. He slowed down, took his time lubing me up, helped me, and gave Nick every part of me without regrets. I do think about him from time to time we’d stayed in touch but not as much as we first did. I’m sure he’s banging someone else by now….I can’t be mad or upset I had him for a week am I going back you bet. And if I see Nick besides a well-deserved hello I’m sucking his cock and he’s fucking me I swear!

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