Skylar takes it in the Ass-Anal Play Part 1.

Skylar takes it in the Ass . I was with a group of friends and met this guy. He asked me if I’d like to go out on his boat and I said ok! A small group of friends had a great time in the sun and sand we were vacationing in Myrtle beach. We had a house we rented close to the beach within walking distance… We’ve met so many people there so today we’re hanging out on the beach. I met this one guy Nick…very nice I’d say nice looking and thank goodness not a muscle head either but had a nice build. I’m a blonde 5ft 6 125 pounds soaking wet I do have a nice body don’t all of us girls say we do. I have a tight round ass that I work on and I have a nice set of knockers.

I enjoyed that very much

So I’m sorta interested in Nick not to the point of throwing myself at him but I like talking with him because he’s not the pushy type. So Nick has a boat and asked me if I’d like to take a ride. I said sure let’s go. His boat I think it’s more like a ship, it’s huge . He leaves the dock we slowly make our way out to open waters and he opens up his boat…wow the breezes feel great Nick finally slows down we take a nice Cruise .I’d enjoyed that very much we are out for about an hour maybe longer we are now headed back we had such A wonderful time great conversation I’m getting into him.

Afterwards I want him

Nick hadn’t made one single more towards me. It’s not that I’d stop him, I want to kiss him, I want him to kiss me. We get back to the doc he ties off and secured his ship, not a boat lol. I’m still wanting a kiss so I take charge. I plant a kiss on Nick’s lips not just one but many…I’m shoving my tongue down his throat…I want him I’m so turned on. Nick takes over. I’m soon on the bed downstairs we’re making out it’s getting hotter. My top is off, his hands are all over my boobies… kissing them, sucking on them. I’m loving this.

Skylar takes it in the Ass-Anal Play Part 1

I flip over now I’m on top I pull off Nick’s shorts and start sucking on his not-so-small cock. I’m sucking his cock as I have never sucked a cock before I got so turned on by him that I have to fuck him. Nick flips me over rips off my shorts I open my legs Nick’s going down to eat me Nick just fucking eats me does and then comes up to me and kisses me I can taste my pussy on his lips as he kisses me omg he enters me…with a slow and steady thrust he’s in me we both now are moving as one he’s going in I’m coming up

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