Sky Has A Thing For Girls

Sky Has A Things For Girls. It was later than I expected when I came home from our first date. Then again I wasn’t sure what to expect, I haven’t dated for some time, much less imagined dating another woman. I had often thought about being with another woman, but I was married with kids when those thoughts occurred so I never figured I would ever get to act on them.

Suddenly I wanted to find out 

I first met Ty online looking for something different. After my boyfriend left us I had a few rebound one-night stands, but being with a man just hadn’t felt right. I wasn’t sure if it was just strange being with someone other than my husband or if it was something more, but I wanted to find out. I was instantly attracted to Ty. I had been trolling the site for a few days with no luck in finding anyone worth talking to, but everything about her profile intrigued me. Her smile and those bright blue eyes did me in and when I Emailed her Labor day weekend we were both off for the holiday so we spent all day texting back and forth.

Family values and beliefs 

There was an instant attraction between us and we had so much in common. We both just got out of a marriage and not in the best way and we both had very strong family values and beliefs. We talked and exchanged text messages for days before finally agreeing to meet for a milkshake after work one night. That was the night that changed my life. I will never forget how I felt that night because those butterflies I had that night have never left. Tonight was our first official date. She picked me up and took me out to the most beautiful little restaurant in town. I’ve never had wine and dined like that before.

Then getting ready 

Private little table to ourselves, candles, wine, and a four-course meal. She brought me home and kissed me passionately. She knows I haven’t been with a woman before so she told me she wanted to take things slow. I was a little disappointed though, while I was getting ready for tonight I had gotten so wet with anticipation of what might happen afterward I stayed wet throughout dinner. I hope she hadn’t noticed me shifting a lot in my seat, I couldn’t help but rub my legs together trying to calm my throbbing pussy. I had not had feelings like this in quite a while.

One feature I loved

After arriving home to an empty house I decided I better take care of my problem quickly. I kicked off my heels and collapsed on the couch. I couldn’t help but think of Ty and her hands as I touched my breast. The one feature I have always loved about myself and the way they feel when I squeeze them. As I pinched my nipple with one hand I closed my eyes and let my other hand wander down my stomach and to my mound. I shaved earlier hoping to feel Ty’s tongue for the first time, so my fingers came across a smooth surface.

About to explode 

I immediately felt the wetness that was lingering all evening and I stuck my finger in it, pulled it out, and had a taste. I have always loved the taste of myself. By this time I was moaning and felt myself about to explode. I decided it was time and began rubbing my clit in circles. I started going faster and faster until I couldn’t hold it in any longer and came all over my hand.

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