Sky Has A Thing For Girls .

Sky Has A Thing For Girls. I must have been pretty loud because when I was done and opened my eyes and was startled to see Ty standing over the couch with her fingers down her pants coming as well. I couldn’t help but reach out and touch her. She immediately leaned down for a kiss and that’s when I grabbed her and pulled her towards me. I wasn’t sure where my confidence came from, but all I knew is that I wanted her and I wanted her right there.

Afterwards the feeling of her tongue 

We fumbled for a few minutes, her pulling off my blouse and taking my skirt completely off. I managed to get her shirt off and pants halfway down before she buried her head deep within my pussy. To feel her tongue flicking my hard clit sending me into another orgasm. I couldn’t help but pull her hair as I came which seemed to make her dig deeper. I then felt her fingers start to explore me. I felt her slip a few in and start pumping in and out. My hands were pinching my nipples and pulling her hair. I felt another finger go in and then what I never expected was her whole hand. That right there sent me into one of the biggest and best orgasms I had ever had.

We kissed passionately 

I had to pull her up to me to give my pussy a break. I felt my clit continue to spam as we kissed passionately. I could taste my juices on her lips and couldn’t help but lick them more and more. As we kissed I found her clit and began to rub it. It was rock hard and she was soaking through her panties. I pulled away from her long enough to take her pants completely off. I wanted to taste her. I lowered myself and stuck my tongue to have my very first taste of her sweetness. I was in ecstasy as I flicked my tongue back and forth. I shoved my tongue deep within her and felt her tighten up with the intrusion.

Wetness in my mouth 

I continued to play and suck on her hard clit with my tongue while I reached up and squeezed her nipples. This seemed to send her over the edge and I felt an eruption of wetness in my mouth. I lapped it all up the best I could before returning to her lips for another kiss. I collapsed in her arms before asking how she had gotten in. She told me that she changed her mind about wanting to wait. She came back to “take advantage” of me. She heard me moaning loudly when she came to the door and found it to be open so she let herself in. I’m just glad she did, this was a night to remember.

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