Skinwalker Sex In The Woods- Part 4

He grabbed me by my hips and flipped me over grabbing my ass and hips hard rubbing on the outside of my pussy then went right back to thrusting his cock back into me. He thrusted so hard into me, and it felt so fucking good. He was fucking me with a ferocity that I had never felt before. He grabbed my neck and pulled me straight back against his hot ass body. I felt him gripping my throat and continuing to thrust into me.

This Skinwalkers cock was amazing

The skinwalker was about to make me cum. I felt my pussy quaking around his cock, and I started to moan so loud. He just thrusted harder as my pussy released all of its juices around his cock. He pushed me forward to the ground and started pushing my shoulders to the ground. I was face down ass up and he raised his hand. SMACK. He smacked my ass so good and I moaned out loud.

He kept stroking so deep. I had already cum a few times, but I felt like he was trying to make me cum until I couldn’t anymore. He just kept pounding away and I couldn’t stop cumming at this point. My legs couldn’t even hold myself up I was cumming so hard. I collapsed to my side, and he just kept fucking me on my side. The skinwalker’s thick ass cock pulsing deep inside of me. I knew he was about to blow all his skinwalker cum inside of me.

It felt so good I didn’t even care, in fact I wanted him to fill me up.

He made his strokes long and hard and he was really pulsing deep inside me. I moaned as I came again with him starting to slow his strokes. He started to just leave his cock mostly in to just thrust deep in my pussy. I could feel every vein on his cock pulsing as his cock began to spray all that skinwalker cum inside me.

I laid down collapsing onto the ground. A skinwalker had just fucked me the best I think anyone has ever been fucked on earth. As I closed my eyes for a second and felt so tired. When I opened my eyes again, I was tucked into my sleeping bag with all my clothes on and my tent zipped. I tried to stand up but I was so sore. I know it happened… my friends will never believe I got fucked by a skinwalker. If I tell anyone they will think I’m nuts. At least I got the fuck… it was that good. Now I sneak away to the woods every chance I get.

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