Skinwalker Sex In The Woods- Part 3

I was down on my knees about to put the skin walker’s cock down my throat when he grabbed my ponytail and I opened my mouth wide. He shoved his cock all the way down my throat making me gag on it, but he didn’t care he just throat fucked me like an animal, but I fucking loved it! Feeling that cock slam all the way down my throat over and over. No one had ever just face fucked me like that before, just fucking my face and not caring about all the gagging. I never knew that’s what I really wanted all along. To have sex with this skinwalker.

I gagged and gagged then I pushed against his thigh, and he let go. I immediately went to sucking on his balls. I then wrapped my hands around that cock and stroked his cock while I gargled on his balls. His animalistic grunts and groans turned me on so much. My pussy was dripping wet, and he could sense it before he even touched it. He grabbed me and pushed me to the ground and pulled my pants down. His long tongue grazed the outside getting a little taste.

Once he had a taste he couldn’t resist.

He began splitting those lips and licking my clit. My legs tightened around his head and his hands pushed my legs apart holding them down.  He was so good at licking my pussy I couldn’t stop shaking. As my pussy started to squirt on his face, he licked vigorously not missing a drop. He didn’t stop he kept circling my clit making me squeal so loud. I kept orgasming in his mouth and he slid a finger inside of me when I heard the only words I had heard the whole time.

“Fuck, Tight”, in his almost caveman like voice.

“I want you to fuck me!” I moaned back at him, and I saw his cock twitch.

He came up to my face and kissed my cheek.

“Me. Fuck. Now.” He said as he rubbed his cock on the outside of my pussy.

“Please fuck me!” I moaned back.

As his cock lined up with my hole I couldn’t believe what was happening… I was deep on the Appalachian trail with a god damn flesh pedestrian… I gave him the gawk gawk 9000 of my life. Then he made me cum down his throat by licking my pussy with his abnormally long, and skilled tongue. No one would ever believe me. A fucking skinwalker.

All these thoughts just rushing through my head as he lined up and thrust his thick 10-inch dick all the way inside of me. He pushed the tip in, and I felt the head slide into my dripping wet pussy. As he pushed his cock in it stretched me out all the way around his thick ass cock. He pounded me fiercely not letting up one bit. He gave me the deepest hardest thrusts I have ever felt. He gave me his cock in a way I had never felt better. When he looked at me with his huge hazel eyes and thrusted deeper it felt right. He was so much better than an average man. Skinwalker sex was amazing compared to normal men.

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