Skinwalker Sex In The Woods- Part 2

The first thing that woke me up was a coyote howling but the second “howl” I heard sounded like something pretending to howl like a coyote and did a poor job. I wish I would have known about skinwalkers before that night. I thought maybe there were other through hikers, or someone was just in the woods howling back, not thinking a skinwalker wanted to have sex with me. It was far enough away that I wasn’t too worried about it, but I was on alert now.

I went back to sleep and the next sound that woke me up was much closer. I heard a baby crying. It scared the shit out of me, and I stayed frozen for a minute. Why would there be a baby out here on the trail this far? Then I grabbed my flashlight unzipped my tent and peeked around. I didn’t see anything in my immediate area, so I ventured out. I wish I would have stayed in the tent. As I walked out, I heard no noises from the woods just the baby, then even the baby stopped crying.

I walked in the direction of the crying and just looked around.

As I got closer the baby began to sound more fake. Once I got a hundred yards out, I heard something behind me. I hear rustling behind me, and I was so scared. I froze in fear as footsteps started circling closer. Out from behind a tree came an animalistic man with a pelt on his back. He was so dirty and hairy, but oddly sexy. He was so muscular and cut. You could see every muscle on his body as the coyote pelt slid off his back.

He walked up to me as I was frozen in fear. He just walked around me to behind me and sniffed my neck and licked behind my ear. His hands started to move around my body. He grabbed my ass hard then went around to my breasts. I could feel him moving closer and starting to rub his cock on my ass. I could feel it growing. He grabbed my shirt in the front and ripped it right off my chest.

As he spun me around his eyes met mine.

They were hazel but, in the moonlight, the green really stood out. He began to kiss my neck and down my chest. I felt his teeth on my nipples as he started to bite them. I reached for his cock and he kind of growled at me a little bit. I took my hand away as he untied the rest of his pelts to reveal his amazing cock. Ten inches of amazing cock. I wanted this creature, and I couldn’t deny it. I wanted to have skinwalker sex.

He was so animalistic he hadn’t said one word to me the whole time. I just looked at him. I could see him looking at me like a cross between he wanted to eat me, and he wanted to fuck me.  I showed him with my eyes I wanted him to fuck me so bad. He was so hard I wanted it down my throat so bad, so I got down on my knees and got ready to suck that skin walkers amazing cock.

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