Skinwalker Sex In The Woods- Part 1

I used to like  camping… Having fun in the woods… Now I love camping… face to face with a horny Skinwalker who wants to fuck your brains out. I never knew that’s what I needed. Skinwalker sex was the last thing on my mind.

I had camped some serious trails before, but this was a whole new experience. I camped in the woods along the Appalachian trail. You never think anything will happen to you. There is nothing you can do when you are so deep in the woods that no one can hear you scream. Some say Teddy Roosevelt, the avid outdoorsman, created the national park service for one reason… to protect us from something.

What could be out in those woods that we need protecting from? God damn flesh pedestrians…

Day one of my hike was normal. Everything was amazing. The views, the hike, even the little animals were all out. I made it to a stream by the end of the evening and I saw a nice little stream where I stripped down and washed myself up. I was tired after the hike, but I was also horny as hell. At that point I thought I should have brought a man… but I was prepared. I brought my solar charger like always but because I was through hiking I went ahead and brought my vibrator. Just a bullet but, after a long day there is nothing better to relax than a good orgasm.

Then I set up my tent and my sleeping bag and started the fire. Then I went and laid down and got the vibe out and put it right on my clit. I rubbed it up and down and then in circles.  In no time I was moaning and shaking. As I was about to cum I heard someone outside… super close. I covered my mouth. It was so weird. When you are in the woods, you should hear lot of noises, but it was dead quiet. Not a bird, not a cricket, not even the wind. Just a crunch next to my tent, a big crunch, like someone walking near the tent.

Again I was not thinking about skinwalker sex, more like another horny hiker coming to fuck my brains out.

I just kept rubbing my vibrator on my clit. It felt too good to stop, so I didn’t. My legs were shaking, and I couldn’t help but moan out and I muffled the moan with my hand and started to cum. Whatever was outside just walked away, and the sounds of the woods came back. It was super bizarre to hear the woods pop back to life all the sudden. I laid there for a minute, tired as hell from hiking and now cumming. I rolled over and grabbed some supplies out of my backpack and unzipped the tent.

Exiting the tent, I didn’t see anything out of place, so I proceeded to the fire I built and threw my little pot on and my trail food in with some water. I cooked up the dehydrated food and ate up quick. I was super hungry and rice and dehydrated chicken never tasted so good. After I ate, threw my food over a tree, and settled in I went right to sleep. I woke up a few times before I intended to at first light at 4:55 in the morning. I heard sounds around the tent, but I thought bears not skinwalker sex.

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