Motorcycles make me cum!

The vibration, the excitement, the freedom!

I have always loved motorcycles.  When I was just a young girl, I went out on my first motorcycle ride.  I remember how much fun it was and how it felt to have the wind all around you.  Feeling free, like I was flying, but I felt something else too.  Not knowing at the time what it was, just kind of a tingling down between my legs causing me to feel funny.

I now know what that feeling was, I was being sexually awakened by a bike!

The vibration from the motorcycle traveled right up through the seat to my sweet young innocent pussy!  Motorcycles make me cum!

The older I got, the more I wanted to continue feeling that, only more!  So When I got old enough to date I went after the guys I knew that had motorcycles.  I always wanted to ride!  The bigger the bike the better.  Sometimes after a ride, I would find my panties were cum stained.  God it was so exhilarating!

I would go to the local garage where they worked on motorcycles and ask to just sit on them while they were running.  This one mechanic, I think he was about 30 or so, knew what I was doing.  One time when I went to the garage I had short little cut offs on.  I was a teenager at the time.

 “Have I got a bike for you to try!”

Winking at me, he starts to walk away, so of course I followed. His name was Tony, and he was a mechanic there.  On the other side of the garage, there sat this huge motorcycle he was working on.  I had no idea what it was, I just know it was low to the ground, long, sleek, shiny and had a very big engine on it.

“Go ahead, sit on the bike,” Tony said.  I didn’t hesitate, I ran right over and swung my leg over and sat down.  It felt great, but it was not running. Tony walks over, puts his hand on my shoulder and looks at me.  Smiling he says, “Honey are you ready for this?”  Not knowing what to say, I just nod.

With that he brings it to life with the turn of a key.

It fires right up and sits there idling.  Leaning into the seat, I enjoy the feeling of the vibration between my legs as  Tony stood watching me for a minute, somehow he knew the exact moment to pop the throttle.  I just about screamed! The tremors that started running through my body from that sudden burst of vibration! He did it again, and again and again! Trembling, perspiring, and oh my God, I don’t know what all!  I wanted him to stop, but I wanted it to continue!  Something, I needed something more, oh yes, something more! I know that this motorcycle will make me cum and then some!

Tony could read me and he whispered to me, “Do you want it Honey?”  Not knowing exactly what he was offering, I just glanced up at him, he grabbed his crotch and winked, “It will take you over the edge, I promise!”

 Aching so badly, I had to get some release, I needed to climax!

He shut the bike off, took me by the hand and led me into the office.  Turning he locked the door and pulled the shade down.  trembling with excitement, I stood before him waiting.  Slowly he removed my little shorts and panties and knelt down before me.

I trembled with anticipation as he moved closer and closer to my pussy.  Feeling his warm breath on my pussy, caused me started shaking even more.  My legs were starting to give out just as he grabbed me around the waist..  Lifting me he set me gently down on the edge of the desk, and slowly he spread my legs apart, and began to stroke me.

“Oh God, Honey, so sweet, young, innocent and ready to cum!.”

With that he leaned in and started to kiss and lick my pussy causing shivers to run all through me, the feelings I was feeling were all new to me!  Things were building inside of me that I had no idea what to do with.

“Hang in there Honey, I will make sure you find your release and reach your climax.”   With that he stood and dropped his pants.  I gasped as I saw the size of his cock.  “Don’t worry, Honey, you are going to be begging for it in no time,” and then he then reached over and started to touch me.  Oh my, it felt so good!  He continued until I was very wet and slick.  Then he replaced his had with his cock.

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