Motorcycles make me cum, every single time!

He continued until I was very wet and slick.  Then he replaced his hand with his cock.

Starting out he just rubbed the head of his cock against my clit, causing me to stay very wet.  Then slowly he started to insert his cock into my wet, throbbing pussy.  It felt good, but then I felt the pressure and then the pain!  I pushed on his shoulders, trying to get him to stop as tears sprung to my eyes, it hurt so bad.  He stopped and said, “Hang in there Honey, I promise it will get better, lots better! ”

How can you cum, with so much pain?!

Slowly he started to move again, true to his word, the pain lessened and then it started to feel good.  No that is a gross understatement.  It started to feel fantastic!

This was the beginning of my sexual escapades.  Tony opened my Pandora’s box, I believe because I could never get enough.  I was always looking for ways to get off.  It was never enough, I always wanted more.  Finally I was able to buy myself a motorcycle.  I loved to ride, the wind in my hair and the vibration between my legs!

Experimenting on my motorcycle,

I found out that if I lay front on the motorcycle pressing my pussy into the seat, I could reach a climax within about 5 miles of riding!  It was awesome!  There I was out riding in broad daylight with people all around me and little did they know I was just about to climax and put cum stains all over my panties!

I tried buying vibrating toys and dildos, but nothing compared to riding a motorcycle!  I will always have a motorcycle even if it is just to sit on and rev the engine!

One year I traveled to the motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD.

Motorcycles as far as the eye could see and I was there for a week. I knew that this was going to be the week of my life because  it was here that I first saw, what is known as a “Boss Hoss” motorcycle and the V-8 Chopper.  Both of these wonderful powerful bikes had a V-8 engine on them!

I had to experience that! OMG I had to experience it!  So off to the dealer trailers, I had to ride one!  I had to act like I wanted to buy one and take it for a test ride! Dressed in a bikini bottom and leather chaps along with a leather halter top and some black boots.  Slowly I went up to the V-8 choppers trailer and started scoping out the gorgeous bikes.

I was starting to cum just looking at these powerful machines.

A salesman approached me and starting giving me all kinds of information about these bikes that I could care less about because I just wanted to ride one! “So would you like to take a ride?”

“Yes, I think this yellow one.”  After signing a handful of papers, I was handed the keys.  This is it!  I mounted the chopper and turned the key.  The engine roared to life and then slowed down to a wonderful vibrating idol!  I had to get out of there because I was getting extremely excited!

Motorcycles make me cum, and this would be no exception!

I pulled out into traffic and knew I had to head out of town.  Getting very wet just from pulling onto the road and I can’t imagine what is yet to come!  I head down a road that leads me outside of town and I give it some gas!  It was all I could do not to scream out because I was starting to climax already!  This is unreal!  This is a bike that i have to have!

After a twenty minute ride, with a very wet seat, I head back to the dealers trailer.   Selling my soul for this bike is just one of things I would be willing to do!  It was a done deal! This bike is now in my name!  Really, it was something I had to do, after all, I did put my mark all over the seat!

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