Sissy transformation, A Mother’s Story of Needs and Desires Part 2

Sissy transformation is what she is desiring.  My friends thought my soon to be daughter looked so good in her cute little outfit.  They were anxious to get her all fixed up!  He was loving all of the attention he was getting from my friends as they were oooing and awwing him.  My friends had him sit down at the makeup table to start putting on his makeup.  They especially loved that cock sucking red lipstick *wink*.  I had laid out all of the outfits we picked out at the store for him to model for them.  They were having so much fun watching him model all of those sexy little outfits for them.  I watched as my David changed into Daisy right before my eyes!

My son was so excited and anxious to suck on those strap on’s!

I guess my friends kind of had an idea of what my surprise might be as they came prepared.  They brought their strap on”s and dildos with them “just in case” they said.  They said that he was always really effeminate so it didn’t surprise them.  Time to put the new sissy to good use now.  We need to train her and get her ready for her transformation.  Putting their strap on’s and dildos in her little pussy hole was a training exercise for when she gets the real cock.

My friends put on their strap on’s and got in a line for Daisy.  I had Daisy get on her knees and take turns sucking on those strap on’s getting a feel for what it would be like with a real cock.  She was loving every moment of it and sucked and slurped on those strap on cocks so good!  She said she was starting to desire the real thing.  Once she got done sucking on those strap on cocks we had her get on her hands and knees and my friends lined up behind her and took turns slipping their strap on cocks into her new little pussy hole.

Getting ready for her transformation, she said how much she desired the real thing!

She was loving that so much she started begging for the real thing!  So, I called some of my guy friends over and told them that it was time to change my new little sissy and I needed their cocks to do so.  They got over to my house and saw how pretty my little Daisy was and they got excited.

They pulled out their real cocks for her to suck on and get hard for them.  Once she got them all hard for her it was time for her transformation. She laid on the bed with her legs spread and as the first cock slid himself into her little pussy, she started changing.  She started to develop real breasts and her pussy turned into a real girl pussy!  That is all that it took was real man cock touching her skin to make her transform into my perfect little daughter!

Have you been having fantasies about your very own transformation into being a sissy?  I bet you have haven’t you?  Well, the fact that you have read this far down tells me you have or are looking for some guidance to do so I will guide you into being a girlie girl sissy and you will be so happy!

If you are craving being a girlie girl sissy then you have come to the right place!

In case you missed the first part of this blog, click for Part 1.




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