BHSissy transformation, A Mother’s Story of Needs and Desires Part 1

The following is the story of a Sissy Transformation.  Hey guys! Alexis here, hoping you are having a happy 2020! I am your MILF who is looking to start your year off right with lots of phone fun! I am always incredibly impressed by all of you boys out there. You always have some super naughty ideas when you call me for some naughty role play fun! I really enjoy playing the role of a MILF or your super hot fantasy mom.

I want to tell you about a new caller I had call me the other day. He had a hot fantasy role play idea. He wanted an experienced woman to be his hot fantasy Mommy. You see, he is a sissy and wanted to take his sissification fantasy even further. He needs a fantasy Mom who understands what he it takes to satisfy his desire and urges. He wanted a sissy transformation. I’m sure you guys have had some of those naughty fantasies that need to be fulfilled, haven’t you? It’s ok sweetie, your secret is safe with me, tell me all about the urges and desires you are having trouble controlling and let’s have some fun with it!

My caller wanted to pretend like he was my teenage son who came to me and confessed that he was really a sissy and I just smiled and told him I know, you have always been effeminate. I told him that I had a confession too. I explained to him that I was proud of him and glad he is my son but I have always wanted a daughter. He was so excited knowing I could change him into the daughter I have always desired from the start.

He was so excited now, knowing that I will take him shopping for some female wardrobes.

From there we went shopping for his new girlish wardrobe which included lots of pretty dresses, panties, stockings and heels. It was so fun trying on things with him and getting the sales clerk’s opinion. We had to keep from laughing when we heard her tell the other clerks that there was an effeminate guy in the dressing room and his Mom is the one helping him try on the dresses. It was so funny but such a turn on for my soon to be daughter too!

Leaving the store, he couldn’t help but be eager to become the very best sissy for Mom.

Before we left the store, we bought foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush and cock sucking red lipstick. He was so excited he wore his black, silky dress, pink lacy panties, black, silky sheer stockings and sexy, spiky heel, open toed stilettos out of the store! I loved his desire to become a sissy! I called my friends on the way home and told them to meet me at my house for a surprise. My friends are waiting for us when we get home. I walked in first and did a big introduction telling them this is my soon to be daughter, isn’t her outfit sexy? I told my friends that they will be doing his makeup and have him try on and model all of his outfits for them.

There is more excitement to come with part 2 of this story which you will see on Thursday!  In the mean time you can check this blog out for some excitement.




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