Sissy Training My Stepbrother – Part 3

The atmosphere had been a little strange at home since I had caught my stepbrother, Alexander – now named Alexis – wearing my panties. I only had to look at him at the breakfast table to make him blush scarlet and, as I held his gaze, I could visualise that beautiful, thick dick hardening in the silky panties I had instructed him to wear, leaving drooling stains of precum on the satin.

Much as I loved tormenting him, I was pleased with my sissy creation. After he had fled from my room when I caught him that first time, he had returned my purple panties and bra to me the next evening, beautifully laundered and with a brand new pair of sheer black stockings to replace the ones he’d worn. He had also given me the most beautiful and enormous bunch of flowers with a handwritten note, saying “Thank you for making my wildest dreams come true!”

The subtext of this, of course, was “Please don’t tell anyone!” I was still touched however and so I had purchased a couple of pairs of silky-soft, pink satin panties for him online at Victoria’s Secret. I left them on his bed with a note of my own saying, “You are to wear these panties under your clothes at all times. Never take them off. I will be checking.”

Alexis had passed all of my sudden spotchecks

I had slid my fingertips down the back of his tight pants many times to make sure I could feel that telltale silk. I’d even walked into the bathroom while he was showering – not to look at him particularly, but simply to check that the good boy had been wearing them and had only taken them off so he could wash. I did not speak to him during these cursory inspections. It was my perfect right to check on my sissy as I saw fit. He tried to keep his eyes modestly cast down and I tried not to look at him, but occasionally we would glance at each other and burst briefly into grins of excitement.

Alexis was not aware of this, but I was secretly planning to take him to the next level. I wanted to parade my sissy in public. Full make-up and female clothes. Perhaps introduce him to some special friends . . . I was just waiting until we could be alone so that I could prepare him properly.

One afternoon, we came home from school to find a note from our parents. “Gone away for a couple of nights. Look after each other.” Since his father had married my mother, this was fairly typical. Passionately wrapped up in each other, they had no idea about the simmering tension which was building between me and Alexis.

“Right, darling – get your ass upstairs, I’m going to get you dressed. We’re going out!”

“Seriously?!” said Alexis, “What – you mean in your clothes?”

“Yes, darling, I do. But first we need to shave you.”

We ran up the stairs together to the bathroom. I watched carefully as my blossoming sissy shaved that darkening stubble as closely from his face as he possibly could. Then I applied a thick layer of moisturiser to his eager face to soften his skin and, hooking my fingers into the front of his pants, I led him to my bedroom.

“Take off all your clothes except your panties. No boy clothes allowed now.”

Obediently, Alexis stripped.

I looked approvingly at his silky, hot pink satin panties. I ignored his hardening dick. There would be plenty of time for that later. I had some very specific plans.

I hope you enjoyed Part 3 of “Sissy Training My Stepbrother”!

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