Sissy Training- My Sissy Academy-Part 1


I’d like to personally welcome you to my world class sissy training phone sex academy!  You’re here because you think you have what it takes to be a supremely sexy sissy slut.  I’m here to make certain of it.  Suck it in, tuck it back and buckle up, chuckle fuck!  School is in and I’m ready to take you from a curious little closet queenie and mold you into a full on cock pleasing, cum craving femboy.  Assuming you make it through the hole stretching orientation, that is.  If you can follow my rules, stick to the training and pass the final exam, you’re guaranteed to become the beautiful bimbofied sissy slut that you’ve always wanted to be.

  I start with weeding of the wussies and sorting of the sissies.

  Some guys fantasize about being a skanky he-bitch but don’t have the balls to follow through with my full instruction.  A fat and girthy big black dildo usually susses out the slackers from the true slutty sissies.  All prospective students will endure a minimum of one days worth of fake cock face slaps, forced throating and anal stretching.  We’ll see if you can withstand being knocked around by my massive mahogany tramp transforming tool.  If you prove you got the chops, I’ll move onto torturing your tonsils until I’m satisfied.  Using the slimy throat spit you choke up, I’ll lube up your ass-pussy and pop the head of my gigantic fake prick right into your tight little rim.

   If you plan on balking at any of that then you might as well just stop now. 

Rule #1: You will submit to your mistress, fully and completely.  I don’t tolerate back talk and tend to get extremely irritated when I have to repeat myself.  When I talk, I suggest you knock the cum out of your ears and listen up.  I don’t do it because I like the sound of my own voice.  Do NOT make me tell you twice.  When I tell you to stretch your asshole out and get it ready to be used, the only question I want to hear is “How wide, Mistress?” 

Get it?  I hope so.

Rule #2: You will completely lose touch with your male identity.  You’ll have to ditch your dull, boring everyday man mask and doll yourself up like a true tramp while in attendance.  There is plenty of wriggle room for expressions of individuality here at the academy, but you’ll remain slutted up. You will be ready to take every dick that swings your way.  A real he-whore is always prepared to please a hard prick or three and has no problem with looking the part.  If you aren’t ready to ride on a moments notice, you’re going to miss out on a lot of juicy cumshots. To be a true trollop and prove how much you love cock, I want you to spend the majority of your time in your feminine form.

Lastly, Rule #3: Complete and total dedication to taking and worshiping dick is mandatory.  No excuses.  If you aren’t getting fucked then you aren’t trying.  It’s not hard to find a horny pole that wants to shoot some hot cock snot inside of some dumb skanky slut.  You’re going to be that dumb slut.  You’re going to love having your browneye beaten in on a constant basis and you’re going to love it.  You’ll be perpetually stuffed with cock and filled to the brim with steamy hot jizz.  That’s what you want, isn’t it? 

All it takes is dedicating your life to dick. 

Do you think you have it in you?  Do you have what it takes to take on my tutelage? Let your inner sexy, sassy, sleazy sissy slut out for the world to see?  There’s a lot more to it than just training your holes to take a hardcore pounding.  It takes a lot more than just being the creamiest cum chugger around to be the finest femboy you can be.  I know exactly how to turn you into a fat fuck tube swallowing tramp.  Come back for the next part of my sissy training blog if you want to learn about the lurid lessons I have in store for you.  See you then, Slut.

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