Sissy Training-My Sissy Academy-Part 2

I fucking knew a fairy femboy like you would never be able to resist my sissy training! If you like this, don’t miss out on part one of my blog!  I bet you’re the best cockswallower on your block, aren’t you?  You have “Star Pupil” smeared all over your face, fucko.  I like that.  I’m certain that you’ll just love the real meaty parts of my sheman whore-prep academy! And if you haven’t checked out part ! of my Sissy Academy, you can play catch up here!

There are all sorts of sissy sluts out there and tons of trampy tart archetypes to emulate and idolize. 


With my slutty sissy training, your creamy clitty will naturally fall into place.  You’ll figure out how you want to have your girly boy body used and abused, I promise.  First things first, though.  We’re going to make sure your hot and horny holes are properly stretched, puckered up and so fucking pretty no man will be able to resist them.  They all love nothing more than a hot whore who’s ready to take a hard pounding, so I emphasize the stretching of the holes and dethroning of the gag reflex portion of my teachings.

We won’t be starting soft and slow.

  You’re going to have 13 inches of girthy, carbon black fake cock buried deep in your rectum just as quickly as you can lube it up.  Sure, you can stretch your sphincter with a jeweled buttplug for a couple of minutes if you want.  In fact, I recommend it.  I’m going to bend you over and go at your girlie-guy ass gash like I’m plunging a fucking toilet.  As soon as your little clitty is spitting and drooling out all of that sissy cum you have built up inside of you, I’m going to pop that BBC dildo out of your shitter and shove it right in your mouth.  ATM is the best way to get a gag eliminating throat job started.

You’ve never had anything shoved as far down your throat as I’m going to stuff my fake fuckstick.  The key is to just relax and swallow it down.  Don’t worry about gagging on it, you’ll get over that eventually.  You’ll struggle and fight a bit until I finally bust past your uvula, everyone does.  You’ll be fine, just look pretty, take a deep breath and suck it down your whore throat one suffocating inch at a time.  Eventually your esophagus will be just as wide open and willing to take dick as your asshole is, and for that, you’ll thank me. 

You’ll thank me for a lot of things when all is said and done, proper stretching and getting rid of that pesky gag reflex is just the beginning. 

One of my favorite parts of sissy slut training is helping my sleazy students pick out their favorite big boner inducing outfits.  Whether you want to be mischievous maid or a street walking skank, I’ll be there to guide you the entire time.  Always fancied yourself as a cock teasing schoolgirl skeeze, or maybe a bold and bossy business type bitch?  However you’d like to let your cum catching freak out, fucking go for it!  I love to see a sissy really come out of her shell and become herself with a hot ensemble or two. 

That’s where it all starts.

Where you go from there is up to you.  You can even become the biggest, baddest, bimbofied sissy slut anyone has ever seen if you really try hard.  My best pupils will not only watch my Sissy Bimbofication video, but they’ll learn it front to back, start to finish.  It’ll definitely help on the tests, as will proper note taking and completion of any and all homework.  There’s nothing I deplore more than a lazy wannabe woman.  As all exams will be hands on in nature, cheating is rarely an option so I wouldn’t even think about taking any short cuts if I were you.  Don’t disappoint me, I promise you won’t like it one bit.

 So, without further ado, welcome to my sissy training phone sex academy!  I’m happy to be the nasty mistress lucky enough to teach you how to be the sissy slut you always wanted to be.  You’re going to be trained in trampy ways you never even thought were possible.  Once your tuition is taken care of, that is. Did you like this session with me? Good, now check out some of my hot audio!

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