Sissy Training 101: Live Your Best Sissy Life Now. – Part 2

Welcome back, Sissy! Let’s get you up to speed, darling! If you missed it, be sure to review Part 1 before proceeding to this next lesson. When we ended last time, my best sissygirl Bianca had begun reviewing Goddess Angelica’s official Sissy Training 101 course rules. Let’s continue with your feminine education, shall we? Listen closely, pretty girl:

~ Undergarments will be whatever my Goddess Angelica chooses for me that day, but usually includes panties and matching bra overfilling the lacy cups with my big sissy boobies!

~ Whenever wearing heels, this whore must keep her legs straight, elbows behind her back, butt out, and sissy titties thrust upward. If Sissy must reach down and cannot do so while keeping her legs straight, Sissy must kneel instead. Sissy must also walk by taking each step in front of the other. 

~ I must practice my high heels balancing exercises every night. While wearing stiletto heels, I march along a balance beam with my knees at waist level wearing heels. Keeping my arms folded in the small of my back, I must practice strutting and mincing along the beam, turning around at each end. 

In the event that I lose my balance, Mistress Angelica will bless me with 10 light cane strokes across my ass and titties per incident. Thank you, my Goddess!

~ It goes without saying that the only body hair permitted is on my head.  Of course, I will carefully maintain my sculpted eyebrows. I must keep my sissy cunt, underarms, and legs perfectly SMOOTH at all times. 

~ While performing my daily chores and nightly sissy exercises, I will wear the sissy butt plug my Goddess has chosen for me. It could be small or huge, but my sissy cunt must be filled at all times!

~ Mistress Angel expects me to complete my nightly chores and sissy training exercises as early as possible, without distractions or digressions from my routine. Once I’ve completed my duties, I may relax with any electronic media of my choosing up until midnight. After midnight, I’m not allowed to play any games or even text message with anyone unless given express permission.

~ If I’ve been a good girl that day, Mistress might allow me the honor of serving as her sissy footstool while she watches a movie or chats on social media. As you might expect, I’m required to “cocksleeve” the entire time. Oh, you don’t know what that is? That’s irrefutable proof that you require training, Sissygirl! So, here’s your very first sissy lesson: All devoted sissies quickly learn that cocksleeving involves holding a thick dildo or other sexual objects in your mouth whenever and wherever Mistress commands it!

Speaking of oral skills, I must practice my cocksucking, ball-nuzzling, and deep-throating sissy training for at least 15 minutes nightly. If I’m really lucky, my Queen might even fuck my face with her strap-on! And last but not least, each cock worship session must end with at least 30 seconds of “balls-deep” suckling. That’s right. NO breathing allowed. 

If you’ve read this far, you know what that means, don’t you? Congratulations! You’ve already begun your sissy training with my Goddess Angel!


Sissy Bianca

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