Sissy Training 101: Live Your Best Sissy Life Now. – Part 1

For the discerning sissy who’s determined to be all “SHE” can be! Sissy training rules will be the first thing you’ll learn when you enter my sissy training program. Are you just starting your feminization journey? This sissy training guide is the PERFECT place to start. Just think, someday soon, you’ll be ready to embark upon your first sissygirl adventure! But first? Welcome to Goddess Angelica’s Sissy Training 101 class! Because my star sissy slut knows my sissy training program inside and out, I’ve decided to let HER tell you all about my latest new feminization sissygirl program:

“Hello, my name is Bianca, and I’m Angel’s best, most well-trained sissy slut!”

My original name is Jackson, but that’s the first thing Goddess Angel changed when I officially entered her service. Bianca Romero is now my REAL name. That means my driver’s license, passport, and virtually everything else in my life says “Bianca” on it! I love, love, LOVE being a sissy! I can’t imagine being anything else. I’ve been in Mistress Angel’s service for a few years now and I’ve never been happier. As a matter of fact, she placed me in permanent chastity last year, and I am loving it! This is my sissy story, or how I live my best sissy life.

As you might expect, Mistress Angel’s sissy training rules help me focus on what’s most important, which is perfect obedience and exquisite submission. First of all, I must complete all the daily household chores to her exacting standards. While doing my nightly chores, I listen to a whole list of sissy motivational sayings on repeat. After all, I don’t just want to dream about being the perfect sissy maid; I want to BE it! Next, she is training me to submit completely, without hesitation or question. In addition, I must serve perfectly as a cheap sissy whore whenever it amuses Mistress. Of course, that includes service rules I must follow when she rents me out to others. 

Bianca’s Sissy Training 101 – The Rules:

~ It goes without saying that I can’t orgasm without permission. If I’ve been a very good girl, sometimes Mistress will allow me a ruined orgasm or two. 

~ When I leak precum from my little clitty cage, I must eat it. Immediately. 

~ Unless directed to dress otherwise, I now wear panties 24/7. Wearing pretty underwear to work every day felt strange at first, but now I can’t imagine living any other way (can YOU?). Obviously, I was born to wear lingerie!  

Sissies must dress accordingly to serve in Mistress Angelica’s domain!

The moment I walk into my Mistress Angel’s home, I must immediately change into whichever sissy uniform my Goddess has chosen for me that week. I’ll get into the specifics at a later date, but suffice it to say that I’m thrilled to wear the sluttiest, uber-revealing outfits for my Owner’s enjoyment! Usually, I wear a basic sissy uniform which includes short skirts or dresses, a frilly apron, pantyhose or thigh-high stockings, and feminine footwear. 

Mmm, what did you think of your first Sissy Training 101 class? This is just the start, of course. If you’ve enjoyed reading Part 1, be sure to return on Friday to devour Part 2, sissygirl.

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