Sissy Son Has Mommy Morgan Making Him Her Bitch-Part 2


Finally, he felt it. Her fingers sliding in, and slipping under the waistband of his sissy boyshorts. These jeans didn’t have any pockets! They were just slits that went right to his ass! He nearly jumped out of his skin as he felt his drunken Mother gliding her hand over his freshly lotioned ass, but he couldn’t force himself to move. Finally, he felt petrified as her hand went where no Mother’s hand should.

You’re a Sissy.

Jaime let out a whimper as her fingertips thudded against the base of the fat plug jammed in his ass, pressing it against the button inside of him. Oh god, why did that feel so good? Did she hear that? Was she still asleep?

Finally, she knows.

His mother didn’t stir, her eyes shut, her mouth slightly open and drooling. Finally, she nudged the plug again, and let out a moan. Holy shit, he was leaking like a faucet. This was so fucking wrong…

You’re a Sissy.

Then she stopped. Her hand didn’t move, it just lay there, cupping his ass, fingers resting firmly against his plug.

His clitty twitched. Oh god, what was wrong with him.

She knows.

He needed it.

You’re a Sissy.

He needed to feel it again.

She knows.

He couldn’t help himself.

You’re a Sissy.

Finally, Jaime could force himself to move and escape, but he couldn’t stop himself from flexing his hips and grinding the base of his buttplug against her fingertips.

As she felt his hips push back against her hand, Morgan moved her index finger just slightly towards the middle of the base of the plug. There was a reason it was so heavy. There was a reason it was so large.

She knows.

With a whirr, the fat butt plug in Jaime’s ass began vibrating with the power of a cordless drill motor.

Finally, her finger pressed firmly against it, driving it deep and hard against his faggy love button. Jaime’s entire body shivered against hers, and he let out a long whine as she ground the rumbling plug inside of him. The intensity of the vibrations was set to grow stronger and stronger, and she finally found herself having to press firmer to keep it in place.

You’re a Sissy.

Every panting breath out of Jaime’s mouth was a loud desperate whine. He couldn’t keep it together. Finally, he pressed his ass against his own Mother’s hand, mercilessly battering the fat silicone knob against his prostate, forcing the vibrations deeper and deeper into his core.

“Haaannnhh… M-Mommy~”

She knows.

Finally, he could feel pressure inside him building. A faint buzzing tingle behind his clitty. He’d only felt it in passing before, with the dildos, but this was unrelenting. The plug was now vibrating in pulses, sending thunderous waves of pleasure through his body that broke down and the foundation of his resolve. Finally, he could feel himself letting go, getting louder, pressing harder against his Mother’s hand.

You’re a Sissy.

He couldn’t stop himself. He didn’t want to.

It felt like he’d been caged for ages like he hadn’t orgasmed in ages. With each pulsing wave, he felt himself getting closer, closer to release, closer to an orgasm.

Finally, she knows.

“Oh god!”

You’re a Sissy.

“I’m gonna cum!”

Finally, she knows.

“I’m a Sissy and I’m gonna cum!”

You’re a Sissy and she knows!

“I’m going to have a sissygasm!

His Mother yawned.

Finally, Morgan pressed her fingers hard into the base of the plug and held down the button. The vibrations stopped. She shifted in her seat and then quickly drew her hand out of her Son’s pocket, dragging her fingernails along his smooth perfect bottom, before throwing them over her head and letting out a loud overly dramatic yawn. She held it for a moment, watching Jaime out of the corner of her eye, waiting to see if he made a move. He’d gone white as a sheet and was curled up looking down at himself. His skiing shone in the light of the TV, wet with sweat, and he was breathing in quick, rapid, shallow breaths.

“Oh my goodness Jaime, just look at me! A glass of wine or two in the evening and I’m useless~”

Morgan let out a little titter as she drew her hands back into herself, taking a moment to breathe in the smell of her Son’s ass on her fingers.

“I think I need to head right to bed, otherwise I won’t be able to get up in the morning!”

She reached over a tousled Jaime’s hair with the same hand she so enjoyed molesting him with. She didn’t wait for a reply from him.


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