Sissy Son Has Mommy Morgan Making Him Her Bitch-Part 1


Morgan could see out of the corner of her eye, Jaime, her son, slowly sneaking down the hallway. She could tell from here how stiffly he was walking, and even in the dim light could see his sissy face flushing red. She set down her phone and got herself into character.

“Jaaaiiimeee~ what took you so long! I’ve been waiting aaages for you!”

Morgan picked up and waved around an empty wine glass to punctuate her supposed inebriated state. She could see the look of discomfort on Jaime’s face seeing her like this, but she knew he wouldn’t refuse her.

“Hurry up and come sit down! I wanna see how the movie ends!”

Jaime could only offer up a diminutive apology as he quickly scooted over to the couch, and tried again in vain to sit on the far side. Morgan wasn’t having any of it however, she wanted to have him up close and personal for what she had planned. Finally, she reached over for his sissy ass again, this time taking a much more aggressive squeeze of his ass as she dragged him in, like a spider would with a fly caught in its web.

“No more getting up, you hear me Jaime? Your ass belongs to me tonight and I want it planted in that seat right next to me!”

The look on Jaime’s face as she claimed ownership of his ass was a treat all in and of itself, and she finally gave him another squeeze before letting her hand slide up and rest on his hip. Finally, she slipped a finger beneath the trim of his borrowed hoodie, and let it rest along the top of his jeans. His skin was almost red hot like his entire body was blushing. He was so stiff and uncomfortable at her touch, it was so adorable.

“Relaaax Jaime, it’s just your Mommy.”

Finally, she forced herself to look away from what was certainly another blushing fit, as she grabbed the remote and resumed the video. There wasn’t any dialogue in this part of the movie, just some artsy landscape shots and pensive looks. Still, she kept Jaime on edge, hiking up his sweater slightly and sliding her fingers along his exposed hips. He shuddered at her touch, and in turn she felt a shiver of lust course through her every time he let out a soft moan that he hoped she didn’t notice. Soon enough however the characters started talking again, and her custom subtitles resumed.

She can tell Sissy.

Anyone could.

Finally, she knows what you’ve been up to.

She knows what you’re wearing

With each subtle motion, Morgan pulled Jaime up against her tighter and tighter. And with every new line, she could feel him squirming, trapped in her grasp, trying to find a way to escape. Throughout this, she continued to feign her ignorance and even poured herself another glass of wine.

She knows you’re a Sissy.

Finally, she knows you’re a dildo stealing, cross-dressing, caged little Sissy.

She thinks you’re pathetic.

She’d throw you out on the street if she could.

You’re garbage beneath her feet.

Morgan could swear she felt Jaime muffle a sob. She squeezed tighter, closing her trap around him.

She thinks you’re a coward.

Lying, hiding, fooling yourself.

Every time you pretend you’re a man in front of her, she sees right through you.

Jaime let out a soft gasp. It took every ounce of willpower Morgan had not to slide a hand into her pants. But she had other plans. Finally, with a dip of her head Morgan let her wine glass fall, as she laid her head against the arm of the couch, and almost closed her eyes, keeping them squinted open enough just to see the screen.

Finally,, stop lying to yourself.

Tell the truth.

You’re a Sissy.

Finally, stop lying to your Mother.

Tell the truth.

You’re a Sissy.

Ultimately, Jaime was starting to hyper-ventilate. Reading those lines, wearing those sissy clothes, being plugged, being locked away, being trapped in his Mother’s grasp. He hadn’t experienced anything yet. She let her hand slide down his hip, letting out a soft yawn as she pretended to sleep. Her fingers found the top of the heart shaped pockets on his girly jeans, and then slipped inside.

Jaime was panicking. Was this real? Did she know? Was the text really there on the screen? His eyes darted between the TV and his Mother. She looked like she was fast asleep.

You’re a Sissy.

Jaime shuddered in her grasp as her warm fingers slipped off his exposed sissy hip, and back over his jeans. He let out a breath of relief until he had to suck it back in as her fingers found his pocket.

Finally, she knows.


I hoped you enjoyed the beginning of making my son, Jaime my little sissy bitch! If you want to get off right now, you can purchase the audio of the whole blog here instead of having to wait two days!

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