I know who you are; a naughty little closet sissy college student. Your heart rushes as soon as your step-mom tells you she’s going out for a few hours, leaving you home alone. As soon as she leaves you to lock the door and rush to the master bedroom; slowly pulling open her drawer to find a treasure chest.

Your sissy heart is pounding with excitement as your eyes jump across all her different panties. White frilly sissy panties, dark pantyhose, red mesh backside, pink thong; your little penis flickers with excitement doesn’t it???

You hesitate for a bit, and then finally choose a silky red pair with matching garter and stockings. You delicately step over them, sliding them softly up your legs; they are very tight so you move carefully not to overstretch them. You look down in uncertainty, should you allow your penis to pop past the upper lining or should you tuck it beneath the side of the sissy panties? You decide to tuck it to the side; looking at yourself in the grand mirror, you turn around. As you stick out your bum you proudly see how your soft white creamy buttcheeks shine in the light.

Searching deeper in the panty drawer you find her narrow and long pink vibrator. Taking it with you, you go to the bathroom. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you slowly let her dildo glide between your silk-covered ass. You open the Vaseline jar and generously rub a handful over her dildo. Tucking the back of your sissy panties to the side, you softly penetrate yourself with the head of her dildo. The first few times it hurts, but once the shaft begins to glide inside you it feels strangely pleasing.

Every time you shove it deep, your penis seems to involuntarily jump in reaction.

Looking at yourself in the mirror you bit your lower lip, spread your legs wide, and stroke your penis above the silk  sissy panties as your other hand begins to pound your ass. Before long you lose control and cum all over your step-mommy’s panties; with instant shame you remove her panties, rinsing them and rubbing the dildo clean with a towel.

You then return to the master bedroom, desperately trying to put the sissy panties, stocking, and dildo in exactly the same position you found them. But it’s ok, you don’t have to worry about your step-mommy finding out. Certainly, she won’t notice how her sluttiest panties are somehow looser than before or notice the small white cum-stains missed from your frantic rinsing.

Neither will she notice the faint smell of your sissy ass on her dildo nor her reshuffled panty drawer.

She might not even notice, in the reflection or the window or mirror, how your eyes gravitate towards her ass every time she turns around as you try to guess which panty she is wearing. She probably won’t notice that little bulge in your pants every time she slips on her yoga pants to go the gym, or how you seem absent-minded and stuttering like a sissy when she wears those boy shorts and tank top before going to bed. It’s all ok because you focus all your frustrated energy on your college studies; proudly getting good grades. Soon you’ll have a high-paying job where you’ll work furiously hard; you will earn a lot of money though you won’t have much spare time to spend it; but that’s ok, step-mom will know how to manage your sissy finances for you.

She’ll carefully manage every penny as she’s sunbathing in the Bahamas. And as you open your email and find a picture of her smiling on the golden beach you might instantly squirt in your pants but at least you’ll know that step-mom doesn’t know your little secret…

So, If you dare. 



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