Breaking in a new sissy Part 2:

So, as you remember from part one, sissy was gobbling up my big black strap on cock. She was acting like it was a steak and she was a starving girl. For someone that was supposed to be a newbie to all of this, sissy sure was going at it like a pro. I grabbed sissy by the hair and forced my big rubber dick deeper down her throat until she gagged. If she wanted to act like a little whore I would be sure to treat her like one. I made her choke on that strap on until it was all slippery and wet. She was all out of breath and her lipstick was smeared all over her face. She looked like she had finally figured out the meaning of life. That’s when I knew that I had a natural born sissy whore.

This strap on cock was not going to be enough for her.

I definitely needed backup. I called over a few studs to come and break this sissy in the right way. She had fooled me with her innocent looks but only for a little while. I was going to make sure that this little sissy whore got the pounding of a lifetime. I bent her over the bed and fucked that tight lil man pussy with my strap on while we waited for my friends to arrive. This little whore just ate it up! She was begging me for more. She wanted it harder, deeper, faster, she was insatiable!

Her tone changed real quick once our company arrived though.

When sissy saw three big, strong, tall black men standing there she was suddenly shy. She was scared to death to take on their huge dicks. I wasn’t going to let her back out though. Sissy had to see this thru to the end no matter what. All her nervousness went away the second she wrapped her lips around the first giant black dick.

Sissy was just a greedy little whore at that point.

She didn’t even flinch when the next guy pulled her panties to the side and fucked her lil pussy. That greedy little sissy whore just let herself be bounced between the two of them. She acted like that kind of thing happened to her on the regular! Even though it was her first time being with a real man. She even took on the third man too! She eagerly sucked two cocks at once and begged for all of them to fuck her like the whore she was.

I made sure that slut took several loads of cum before the night was over.

In the end sissy was covered head to toe in load after load of cum. She had a belly full of cum and more dripping down her thighs. Her ass was gaped wide open and she was utterly exhausted and completely satisfied honestly, I’ve never seen a sissy look so happy. I know one thing is for sure, she will definitely be coming back for more soon!

I really hope you enjoyed reading this fantasy as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you want to hear this story in more detail and a little spicier, be sure to check out my audio.

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