Sissy needed to be broken in: Part One

One thing you’ll learn about me as you get to know me is that I just adore little sissy boys. So when I got the opportunity to meet with a fresh faced completely untrained lil sissy boy I jumped at the chance. This sissy had been dreaming of dressing up for several years. For one reason or another was just too scared to just do it. He needed me to bring out the girl he was inside even if I had to force him thru the entire process. I knew there would be a lot of work involved in this process because this lil fairy was completely raw. He still had all that nasty boy hair all over his body and had never exfoliated a day in his life!

All that lazy grooming just simply would not do at all.

The first thing I had to do was get this lil sissy boy in the tub and teach him how to exfoliate his dry ass skin so we could get him glowing. Then it was time to shave off all of that nasty hair. Poor lil sissy boy was freaking out! He had no idea that being a girl could be so complicated. I just laughed and told him that we were just getting started. You know, he could say whatever he wanted. I knew that he wasn’t really frustrated by the process. That lil clit of his was rock hard the whole time we were shaving his legs. By the time we got to his panty area he was leaking pre cum all over the place and I had to remind him that he could not cum without my permission.

After the shower it was time to pick out something sexy to wear.

I wanted to dress him like a complete slut. I pulled out a few selections and let him choose which he liked best. He settled on a little two piece lingerie set. It had a red bralette with big red bows tying it together and matching panties. The whole thing was completely see thru. I paired it with some sexy patent leather red stilettos and sissy was ready to be the slut she had always longed to be. There was no more fake man staring back at her in the mirror. Sissy was all girl now.

She was ready to unleash her inner whore.

I wanted to just jump right in the deep end and get sissy sucking some big black cocks. I could see in her eyes that she was not quite ready for that step just yet. Instead I pulled out my big black strap on cock. Sissy’s eyes went wide when she saw it. She was shocked at the size and thickness of it but I just told her to relax and take her time.

I wanted her to go slow, start with just little kisses and licks then work her way up to stuffing the whole thing down her throat. Sissy had other plans. This eager little dick sucking whore just went all in on my giant rubber cock. She had at least half of it worked down her throat before I could even say a word!

Stay tuned for part two babies, you are going to love what happens next! If you can’t wait, until next Friday to hear the end of my story then you should purchase my audio blog!

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