Sissy Girl, Lexi encounters a naughty sissy part one


I hope my little sissy girl is ready to go inside with me. There are so many people in there waiting to meet you. Are you nervous? Excited? I hope you’re as excited as I am. Here, take my hand and let me walk you inside…

When you get inside the house, I close the door behind you before you can react. I think your eyes widen to the size of saucers! Standing there in the house are five men with hungry, predatory eyes. And they all have their eyes trained on you.

You’re the main event sweetheart. My sweet little sissy girl. You wanted so desperately to dress up like a sissy slut, and now here you are face to face with a wall of delicious man meat. I can see your clitty getting stiff in your panties. That form fitting dress doesn’t know how to hide anything.

The men can see it too, and that just makes them smile wide. That’s practically like screaming consent at them sweet sissy. So it’s no surprise when they grab you and push you down to your knees, forcing your face right up against their crotch. You can feel their bulges rubbing into your cheek and you itch to taste them, don’t you.

You’re practically pawing at their pants, trying to free their cocks, salivating as it springs into your face. With one last glance up into his face, you wrap those seductive cock whore lips around his shaft and start sucking.

We all catch that moan in the back of your throat.

We all see how you devour his cock like it’s the most delicious thing on the earth. You’re in hog heaven right now, doing what you love the most. Sucking cock.

You lap up all the precum leaking from his tip, you open up your throat and take him deeper. You even take his hands and place them on the back of your head, because what you want the most is to be throat fucked. You want to be used for your sole purpose in life. That slutty hole of yours was made to suck cock, and your eyes have practically glazed over as you sink into the rhythm of it.

You barely register my murmurs of encouragement in your ear.

You don’t even notice the drool dripping down your chin and onto your chest. I’m sure you haven’t even realized you have a different cock in each hand as you started jerking off another two guys while sucking off the first.

You have completely given in to your role as a cock whore. You are on cloud nine, and only the rush of a thick cock spurting his load down your throat can fulfill you now. I don’t think you will be leaving this house for days… Aren’t you glad you came?

I hope you loved my sissy girl blog as much as I did! If you missed part one, find it here! Otherwise, check out the audio in the store! 877-482-0664

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