Sissy Cuckold – My Sensual Domination Experience Part 2

When I last left off with this story, I was in a grown man’s bedroom, while he was dressed up in a red dress and pantyhose, and he was pleasing me every which way I told him to. This is where the story gets even better. After about an hour of playing and having my pussy worshipped, one of my girlfriends had called me.

I told her what was happening, how I had this guy turned into my little sissy slut. She asked if she could come over, and I actually told her to round up the rest of the girls. I could have him give them all a show. 

He was really embarrassed that he was about to show himself and perform in front of all of these hot attractive girls, but deep down, that’s exactly what he wanted. He wanted to be such a girly sissy or all of us.

When my friends got to the house, we all ventured to the living room for some more sissy slutty fun. We had this guy doing all kinds of crazy humiliating things. He even did his make up and had him change outfits a few times while he played with us. We called him Bianca and he quickly became one of us. 

He kept wanting to cum so bad with his little tiny baby dick.

But it was just so fun laughing at him begging for our attention, that I wasn’t ready to see his little load just yet. 

A friend of mine actually participated in the cuckold lifestyle a lot. Usually, her boyfriend was always on call for a situation just like this. To put the icing on the cake, we called him to come over, and before we all knew it, we had Biance on her knees sucking that big 9-inch cock like a good sissy cuckold.

Taking a huge load in his mouth, all of us laughed and giggled.

We all told him what a little girly sissy whore he was, and how it was so embarrassing watching him take a man’s cum in his mouth.

The best part was when my friend’s boyfriend started to fuck him in the ass and made Bianca tell all of us what a little cum whore he was. We all laughed and embarrassed the little cuck even more. It felt so great being able to take so much control over someone. The best part is, he wanted all of this. I loved being able to share something like this with all of my closest friends too.

After the party was over, and we all had our fill of degrading Bianca in her panties, we all went for another round a few days later. I guess you could see we do a meeting like this at least once a month.

I found a new calling. And I have to say, it turns me on so much being able to make someone’s day.

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