Sissy Cuckold – My Sensual Domination Experience Part 1

Come enjoy the fun while I tell you my first experience with a sissy cuckold and how I got to dominate him.

Well, what can I say? It was a typical night in Hailey’s world. I was hanging out with some girlfriends, and of course what else is there to do on a Friday night? We ended up at one of our favorite local bars. Just having a bit of fun, chatting and having a few drinks, I kept noticing this guy staring at me from across the room and he had his eyes locked on me. But more importantly, he was putting all of his focus on my outfit.

Not going to lie, usually, a bit of attention really flatters me.

But with this guy, something just seemed a bit off. Eventually, I got a motion to come over to where he was sitting. I was quite hesitant, because of the way he was staring at me and the way he was so interested in my dress. I had my girls walk over with me, just for a bit of extra help if I needed it, and surprisingly, this guy actually seemed very nice, and I must say he was very good looking up close.

We got to talking, and eventually, I had left my friends behind to head back to his place with him. I was excited because I was hoping to have my way with his cock and have a bit of fun with him. 

When he took me to his bedroom, I was a bit confused and taken back. I saw lots of women’s clothing. There was everything from pantyhose, to shoes, to bras and even a few skirts and dresses. 

At this point, you could say I was very confused. “So, you have a girlfriend I take it?” He looked at me with a soft smile and asked if he could tell me a secret.

He quickly started to take off his shirt, revealing a nice little lacey red dress underneath.

I had no idea what was happening until he went and took off his pants. He revealed to me the black pantyhose that he had been wearing the entire night, and then I realized, this guy wanted me to treat him like a sissy slut and dominate him.

Keep in mind, I have messed around with a few people before who enjoyed dressing up, but I had never actually been with someone who wanted to be degraded and dominated in this way.

I was a bit nervous, but also very excited. I don’t know if this was wrong, but it all felt so right.

Getting on the bed, I made him pull my pants off and start having his way with my pussy. I wanted his tongue to be buried deep inside me. And I wanted him to make sure that every single drop of cum was licked up.

He looked really hot in his little sissy outfit, being my little pussy slut. I kept giving him orders to lick and finger me good, to make sure I was being taken care of. He loved to please me, and I loved making him please me. 

If you want to find out what happens, come back on Thursday to read Part 2 of my sissy cuckold blog! But, if you can’t wait then check out my audio blog. Or, if you want something just as good, check out my sissy slut blog.

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