Sissy Boyfriend Dress Up, Panties, and Playtime with Rhiannon – Part 2


“Yes, just pucker up and blow, baby,” I told him, as I fished in my makeup collection for something that would bring out his baby blues, and all the pretty pink. I settled on an eyeshadow that was a shimmery champagne color, grabbed a fluffy brush and did an all over wash of color. I painstakingly lined his eyes with a black eyeliner and applied a thick coat of mascara to both his upper and lower lashes. He was such a pretty, feminine, sissy boy. I couldn’t get enough of it, so I pressed his nude lips to mine and kissed him deeply. “You are going to be so hot,” I whispered to him, “with this makeup, that dress, and those panties. I can’t wait to pull your dress up and ride your thick, fat, cock.”


Before any of that could happen, he needed a lipstick that said Please-Fuck-Me, and I knew that a red lip would be just perfect for him. I grabbed his face, taking his chin in my soft hand and held him in place. The black tube of lipstick applied like a dream, and his lips were the most lovely shade of blue-ish red. I went to my makeup stand, picked up a hand mirror and let him admire his makeover. 


I couldn’t wait to turn my boyfriend,  my love, into a hot sissy boy for me to play with and tease.


“You are the prettiest fucking sissy I’ve ever seen in my life,” I told him. His wide smile showed that he believed me. Now that he was fully dressed up, the fun could begin. With a sly smile, I reached up his dress with one of my delicate hands. I reached between his legs and felt the panties resting over his cock. My hand caressed the tender flesh against the fabric and I felt his dick surge to life with a little twitch. He was getting hard for me while he was dressed up like a pretty little slut, and I fucking loved it. 


“Your dick is getting hard for me,” I told him. “Good. We’re going to ruin your panties like you tried to ruin mine earlier,” and he grinned from ear to ear. My sissy boyfriend knowing exactly what I meant. I rubbed his cock some more, feeling it get fully erect beneath my touch. The bulge in the fabric was to die for! I could see every ridge and vein of his beautiful dick through the VS panties and it made my mouth water desperately. I would not give in, however, to the temptation of sucking his dick. No, I wanted him to create a mess to clean up and parade around the house in. I brought my body close to his, feeling his hard cock press against me.


My pussy was so wet. I was so turned on by all of this. I knew I’d have to have more.


“Cum in your mother fucking panties,” I told him. I watched his made up face contort, and his beautiful red lips part in a moan before I felt the sticky wet cum soak his dress, and I assumed, his panties as well. 


“You’re so fucking pretty, you little slut,” I told him and giggled. We’d have to play dress up again soon.


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