Sissy Boyfriend Dress Up, Panties, and Playtime with Rhiannon – Part 1


When I was younger, around twenty or so, I walked in on my boyfriend trying to pull a pair of my purple ruffled panties over his thighs. And it made my pussy so, so wet seeing him there. The ruffle butts didn’t want to pull up any higher than his upper thighs. He seemed shocked that I had caught him. “Don’t rip those!” I told him, and he began to cover himself, obviously ashamed of being caught in the act. “We’ll need to get you your own if you want to wear panties. Mine are much too small for you,” I continued, and his entire face lit up with happiness. I wasn’t upset, or not into it. My thoughts were only going to if my panties would be destroyed.

I couldn’t wait to see what his tight little ass would look like in a pair of panties that fit him properly, so I suggested we go shopping.

“Let’s hit the mall. Victoria’s Secret has to have something that will get over your muscular thighs,” I teased. He was so excited! On the way to the mall, my boyfriend explained to me that he was straight, but really wanted to be dressed up like a pretty girl from time to time. He wanted me to make him pretty. I took him by the hand, kissed his knuckles and told him, “As long as you’re not prettier than me, babe.” 


On our shopping adventure, we hit up several stores and picked lots of things out to make my boyfriend oh so very pretty. I carried the shopping bags through the mall for him and reminded him that if he was going to be pretty, he would have to get used to not wanting to ruin his nails. We eventually arrived home, and I had him strip his clothes completely off. 


“Put the panties on,” I cooed to him and tossed him a pair of neon pink, mesh, bikinis. “I wanna see your cock through the mesh and pink,” I told him. My clit tingled with excitement. He smiled, slid the properly fitted undergarments up his thighs, and over his ass and cock. It was so wonderful to see the bulge of his dick through the neon mesh, but I wasn’t anywhere near done with him. Pulling a lacy bra of the same color from one of the shopping bags, I had him stand in front of me. Then I fastened the clasps in the back. Laughing, I showed him how to do a quick dip and scoop to get his chest to fill the tiny cups. I clapped my hands together when he was finished.


I told him he was the most absolutely perfect sissy I had ever seen. But we weren’t quite done with making him pretty.


Because it was warm outside, I helped him slide a beautiful pink sundress over his head. He was so gorgeous! I couldn’t help but admire my handiwork as I pulled his hair back in several butterfly clips of varying pastel colors. Then I got out my big box of nail polish and painted his fingernails. Pink was definitely his color! We chose a shade that had so much sparkle that Vegas showgirl would be blinded. Lovingly, I painted each of his fingernails, and had him blow on them to help them dry. Mmm. I was so wet, just watching him.



If you can’t wait to hear part 2, check out the audio.


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