Sissy Boy Caught Jerking Off in Lingerie Store – Phone Sex Part II

Firstly, the cleaning lady got rid of the mess in the fitting room the sissy boy left. Consequently, the girls and I closed the store fast and  I drove home and thought about what happened. To say I was extremely hot and bothered is an understatement. My lace covered ass was squirming in the leather seat and I could not wait to get home.

The only thing I could think of was getting out of these high heels, bra and panties as I walked into my apartment with intentions of going right to sleep. However, I thought about the sissy boy in that garter and stockings and his image went through my mind. I flopped on the couch. Fully dressed I started to feel my soft pussy through my panties. As I spread my long legs and looked at myself in the large mirror across the couch I stuck 1 finger, then 2 in my dripping shaved pussy. I came in 3 minutes thinking about my sissy boy 1, 2,3!

Sissy Boy cums back

2 days later, I was at the store doing paperwork when I looked up and saw one of my sales girls with the panty loving sissy. Not knowing his dirty little secret, she was showing him our new bare lace panty line. He was probably drooling. Panty boy was wearing a baseball cap and glasses, but he couldn’t hide the huge fucking hard-on through his jeans. I watched discreetly and told the sales girl to go to lunch. I told the other 2  girls to watch the front and the register. Then I walked over to my new’ favorite sissy boy.

Ready to bust panty lover

“The black ones are really nice,” I purred. “As a  matter of fact, I have a pair I’m sure you’ll really like.” He was looking intently at my legs in lace stockings and heels. “More importantly, do you have to wear short skirts for your job? You know to show off the pantyhose you sell?” he asked, big, hard dick, throbbing through his pants. In response, I put a pair of  $80 crotchless black panties and lace thigh highs in his shaking hand. “I’ll be at the back dressing room in 5 minutes.”

There were 2 or 3 women in the large dressing room when I walked to the back. Above all, I knew my sissy boy was in the room I found him in before. I heard his panting. What I saw when I opened the curtain was exactly what I expected from this perverted sissy boy. In addition to the black sheer thigh high stockings, he had his hard cock sticking out of the crotchless panties.

With trepidation and excitement, I closed the curtain behind me. “Don’t let me stop you”. I almost growled as I pulled up my short pink mini. After that, there was no stopping him. Jerking his cock urgently, he begged to see my pussy as I pulled down my white lace panties. I was prepared with towels as he sprayed cum all over me, the lingerie and dressing room.


If you missed the beginning, check out part I.

But, if you can’t wait to hear what happened to the sissy boy, check out my audio recording.  Then, you will be able to hear all the slutty and dirty details in my own voice.

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