Sissy Boy Caught Jerking Off in Lingerie Store – Phone Sex Part I

Sissy boy caught in my store, what a story I have for you about it. This story is totally true, crazy, sexy stories for you!  After dancing at gentlemen’s clubs, it was time for a career change. A lingerie store hired me to be the assistant manager.  Not to mention, it is one of the largest and busiest lingerie stores in Manhatten.  At the time, I was 23 and thrilled.  Let’s put it this way: Lingerie Store in NYC=OMG!

The store was always full of beautiful people. Some were famous pantie boys and knew they could fuck or do anything they wanted to in the dressing room.  Since they always dropped a couple thousand on sexy lingerie, along with a lot of jizz, it was fine with me. Then,  my boss (who actually looked like a lingerie model) turn a blind eye.  Besides, we had a full-time cleaning lady anyway.

I always knew it went on, but I had my first face to face encounter with a sissy boy when I was closing as a head manager for the first time alone one night.  Then,  I instructed the 3 associates to start closing when I heard heavy breathing and noises and let’s just say it-jerk off noises coming from the back fitting room.

All-day I had been horny as hell.   The management has required us to wear sexy stockings with a short skirt and heels. Feeling the satin and lace rubbing against my pussy and inner thighs was fucking hot. I understand the desire of a panty lover.

 From the moment I put them on, I had fantasies of fucking a sissy boy in the store.

Horny guys were always coming into the store to look at us girls.  We knew it and were total teases.  But, I knew that sometimes, they were not shopping for their wife or girlfriend.  The panty lover was shopping for himself.   Don’t ask me why, but the thought of a man stroking his cock inside lace panties always turned me on.

Calling out, I said: “The store is closing.  Please, let me know if you need anything.  Bring your purchases to the front of the store.”

Soon, a faint voice responded.  I’m sorry.  I’m almost done.  Could you please come here and help with this?”

” No problem”, I said as I walked back to the fitting room.

When he opened the curtain slightly, I saw him and I lost my breath.

I swear my pussy started dripping.

The sissy boy was sitting on the velvet, high back chair with a light blue garter and lace stockings with his big, hard cock on full display.

Soon, the sissy boy looked up at me as he stroked the hardest cock I have ever seen.  Grinning, he said he was watching me do the lingerie displays that night and I got him so horny.

What a panty lover!  Then he blew his huge load immediately on a pair of panties. I took his credit card, said I forgive him and to stay put. I brought back a couple of bags to put his cum filled lingerie in and said good night as I walked him out.


Come back on Thursday for part II

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