Doing as sir asked I got up still not making eye contact and went to pick a belt. I was happy to see that he had left the softer leather belts out. They would hurt but not nearly as bad as some of them he could have left out. 

I grabbed my favorite black leather belt. It was worn around the edges and I went and kneeled back at sir’s feet. As I knelt there completely exposed to him he took the edge of his shoe and pressed it up between my thighs brushing against me. I whimpered again as I held up my arms offering him the belt.

When he told me I could look at him I braced myself to see what kind of mood he was in. His eyes always gave it away. Looking up I was excited to see the humor in his eyes. This would hurt but also be fun. 

Feeling the toe of his shoe brushing up against my clit I moaned and made him chuckle again. He loved me being his needy girl. I loved it too. When Sir told me to get onto the sex bench to be strapped down I instantly got up and did what he said. 

As I felt him restrain me to it I nearly begged. I wanted him in me so bad. Undoing his pants I got excited. His cock was semihard right by my face. That’s when I realized Sir’s game. 

He was just out of my reach. Feeling a cold liquid being poured over my ass heating all the skin it ran over I tried to move but couldn’t. At the sign of struggling I heard it. The whip of the belt as it bit through the air and landed sharply on my exposed ass. Crying out I heard before I even felt the second one hit. It hurt and yet I felt my wetness start to leak down my thighs. 

I was such a needy slut. I counted out each one until we get to ten. As I thanked Sir for my punishment he came closer and shoved his now hard cock into my mouth. The feeling of him sliding down my throat at the same time as he shoved his fingers into my soaking pussy made me cum. Screaming my pleasure sir facefucked me shoving himself in and out of my mouth at the same speed as he was shoving his fingers into me. 

Screaming my pleasure around his cock I felt him pull away from me. In seconds he was behind me burying himself balls deep into my sopping wet pussy. As I begged for harder he started pounding in me. 

He knew just how I loved it as he grabbed my neck from behind and rode me until things started to dim between the lack of oxygen and the multiple orgasms shaking me one after another. When I felt him empty himself into me I whimpered words past gone as I shook in pleasure. 

Feeling Sir unbind me I was to far gone to even move myself. 

Lifting me up he carried me to the dinner table and sat me down. I shifted feeling him pouring out of me onto the cushion and tried to bring myself back to reality. Focusing on sir as he sat down to the dinner I made us telling me to eat like a good girl.

I really hope you enjoyed. To hear the rest of the yummy details  you should purchase my audio where you’ll get to hear all the juicy details.

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