As soon as sir got home I knew I was going to get punished. I loved that feeling of anticipation. The idea that sir would probably bend me over. My punishment being something minor. I had forgotten and ate a cupcake for lunch. 

That was a huge no no and sir would not like it at all. I was out visiting friends and they brought them out. I should have been good. Knowing the rules. Eat real food first. Real food and then I could get snacks. 

I could just not tell sir. I had debated it. Yet also knowing if I didn’t and he’d find out the punishment would be severe. I liked a little pain with my pleasure. No thanks to just pain.

I was a good girl. But I did a bad thing and readied myself for when he got home. Cleaning and scrubbing the house and made a good dinner. I couldn’t face him to tell him. He was so good to me and I didn’t have the courage. So I drew him a picture of me eating a cupcake. I wrote I’m sorry on it and made sure it was extra sparkly. 

I set the table and put the card next to his plate explaining what I did. That’s when I went and turned on his favorite music and went to our special room. I got out one of my many see through teddies to put on. Sir would decide if and when I got to eat tonight. Because I’d been good and told the truth I would probably get more then just his cum to fill my stomach. 

I wondered what punishment I would receive. If it would be hand or belt or more? Just having the cum was rare.

Those were for days I was really bad. Days I kept secrets or did something he thought was bad for me. But I enjoyed the way we did things. He made sure I did what was best for me. In return I was he naughty little slut. 

That thought made me smile as I took my onsie off and slid the nightie over my soft skin. As I heard the back door open I pulled the pigtails out of my hair and shook out my curls. Adding a little lipstick I heard sir in the kitchen.

As I heard footsteps coming towards the room I knelt down with my head faced down and waited for sir to acknowledge me. I tilted my head to the side showing my neck like wolves would showing his dominance to me. I loved how this felt. To know I was loved and taken care of by sir. 

He made me want to be a good girl. Also made me want to be a naughty slut. Just kneeling there I felt myself getting wet. As I heard him move around the room taking his jacket off and throwing it down and emptying his pockets. That’s when He spoke. He asked me what had happened I continued facing down and told him how I knew I had been a bad girl.

At this he chuckled and ran his hand over my hair tousling it. He said he knew how to deal with bad girls and asked me to go pick from the belt collection. 

Those words made me whimper and fight not to look up at him.

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