Welcome back to part 2 of my blog about losers! Enjoy, or don’t, simp! lmfao

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Pussyless Losers – Simpin Ain’t Easy – Part 2

Sooo, what have you finally realized after you read all of that vitriol I spewed? You’re a lonely sad sack of shit! That’s what you SHOULD have realized! It’s okay, though, because you’ve got me. Don’t worry about the Stacys and Beckys of the world; they suck. Forget them! Besides, I’m more than happy to have you included in my roster of simps! Remain delusional and become enmeshed with me. I can just tell that you’re absolutely obsessed with me, and it better stay that way. Who wouldn’t want a ton of guys giving money to them just because they’re pretty? 


Simpin ain’t easy!


Of course, I’m sure you know that, right? A simp will always be a simp through and through. It’s ingrained in your DNA. Additionally, you’re a beta male as well. Albeit, a neurotic one at that. This must be such a hard pill to swallow for you. Poor thing, destined to throw money and gifts at my feet forever. I’ll lie and say you’re handsome, that you turn me on and make me soooo wet. GAG! Eww! You don’t. I’d rather rub icy hot all over my vag than let you fuck me. You probably have a receding hairline and a beer gut. Be fuckin for real. You’re no looker. Men tend to severely overestimate how attractive they are in the eyes of others. 


Anyway, back to Delulu Land!


You’re so handsome! Any woman would be lucky to have you. If they reject you, then that’s okay. I’ll be here to dry your tears, as long as you come with cash, gifts, and attention for me~ I know that our relationship is transactional, but I’m okay with that! Regardless of the wallet draining and my soul sucking succubus ways, you’re able to interact with my perfect and angelic self. That’s more than enough to satisfy you, it better be more than enough! If not, then you really are hopeless. 


Indeed, you have no choice but to simp!


As a result, I profit and you cum! Consequently, your delusions remain intact. It’s the perfect symbiotic relationship, an unhealthy relationship at that. Who cares about reality? I certainly don’t! I’ll feed into your demented state of mind. By and large, my love for you only extends so far. Can’t keep me happy? Ultimately, that’s no problem at all. Definitely, you’ll be replaced. You’re expendable and not special to me. What’s that? Do I hear complaining? Too bad, so sad. Haha, I’ll continue to give you affection until you satisfy me longer, simp! <3 


Make sure to check out my audio with even more degrading details! Don’t wait up, freak!

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